A Taste of IVF Over 40

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Posted on: Saturday, October 13, 2007

I decided to start a journal about my IVF experience.  Our computers, newsagents, televisions and bookshops are full of information for pregnant women.  What about the women trying to become pregnant on IVF?  How do they know what’s normal on a daily basis while they undergo their treatment? 

I think I’m pretty normal.  This is my IVF story. 

I truly, desperately, hope this is a very short journal.  Apparently most first time IVF-ers have the same innocent optimism as me.  That somehow I am ‘special’, more special than other women, and that I will indeed conceive a beautiful child – first time.

I am starting my second attempt at IVF.  However, this might as well be my first attempt because it’s been eight years since my earlier attempt.  To be truthful, I can’t remember that much about it.  It must be like childbirth – you blank out that which is painful.  It didn’t work.  Well it did, until I lost the baby at around 11 weeks. 

My husband and I cannot conceive.  He is completely infertile as a result of the mumps when he was young. 

My goodness I am totally driven to reproduce – it’s unbelievable.  If someone told me building a house or starting a business would be this difficult I’d not give it a second thought.  Yet, this is compelling.  I want to grow old with family around me.  I want to feel like I left a footprint on the planet and an impact on my family. 

::: When I first announced my age to my doctor I felt like there was very little hope.  Why didn’t anyone tell me that at age 40, reproductively speaking, you’re an old woman?  When I told the IVF counsellor I could have sworn she looked at me with pity in her eyes.  All this is very sobering for an optimist like me.  I did find the nurses a little more enthusiastic. :::


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