A Taste of IVF Over 40

Archive for November 2007

My husband and I went along to see our new IVF doctor.  He was on time – yay!   I was certainly optimistic, happy and positive when we breezed through the door to his office.  This quickly changed when he pointed out to me that I was over 40 and basically said that my chances were slim. 

My husband also described how at our other IVF attempt (eight years ago) he had been diagnosed as sterile.  Our new doctor explained that a lot of developments have taken place over the last eight years and that he should definitely provide a sperm sample so they can retest him.  Otherwise, he just asked about my medical history and dictated a few letters (one to our referring doctor, one to the doctor who we saw at our IVF attempt eight years ago and one to the Melbourne IVF counsellors). 

I like my doctor.  I came away with a prescription, instructions and phone numbers.