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OK … OK!  I am to ring the Blue Team and let them know it is Day One of my period.  OK, find the little card they gave me.  What time is it?  Argh.  OK – now I was supposed to start taking the pill wasn’t I?  OK well, it’s already part way through the day.  I’ll take the pill now and wait for them to call me.  I left a message on the nurses’ voice mail. 

They called.  “Don’t take the pill until day five”.  Oh.  I took it.  “OK, well then just keep taking it then.”  Silly me.  It seems that all I did remember was to call them on Day One.


Meeting with the Melbourne IVF Accounts Department allows you to find out all about how much everything will cost and how to try and get the most back from Medicare.  It is a bit fast-paced but there’s a lot of information.  The are just down the hall from the councellor’s office.  We just chatted with a helpful lady there for about 15 minutes and she gave us a few printouts with information on them.  I am yet to read them properly to understand them.

My husband and I have discussed having another child and how it would affect us.  We’d done this to the point that there was not much to discuss at the counselling session. 

It’s good to know this service is available if there are undiscussed issues, or issues you didn’t even realise you had.

As we are receiving donor sperm, we learnt that there are not many sperm donors available.  We also learnt that the trend nowadays is to tell your child they are from a sperm donor. 

One important thing that I learned from further research is that there are other donor programs available.  But I question their quality and safety.  Other donor registries may not test the quality of the sperm or keep sperm donor records.  Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if your child met a sexual partner in the future who had the same donor father and was in fact an unknown sibling.  This article is particularly good: http://sunday.ninemsn.com.au/sunday/cover_stories/article_1646.asp.

Not a biggy.  I got a referral from my IVF doctor to go to a Melbourne Pathology branch.  The lady who took my blood was kind and careful. 

They like to test you for all the regular things like rubella, aids, syphilis, hepatitis, etc.

I must say that I almost totally botched my nursing appointment.  In order to see a nurse fairly quickly (I didn’t want to waste any more time!) I had to make an appointment at a satellite clinic.  I didn’t want to waste another month.  The lady on the phone who arranged my appointment was very helpful.

Wow!  What lovely women.  They are genuinely caring and they are also very thorough.  It’ s as if they recognise you are on edge and they just want to keep you calm and positive.

My IVF Team is “The Blue Team”.  It’s a lot like taking your car to your local Ford service centre!  I can contact my Blue Team with the slightest question.  The Blue Team consists of the nurses and doctors who work together to manage their patients – including me!  They have their own phone number and you can ring them at any time, or leave a message and they will call you back the same day.

They almost bewilder you with their overload of information about dates, scripts, instructions, blood tests, scans, medications and hormones (or whoremoanes as my husband calls them!)  However, they make sure they give you heaps of time for questions. 

My first visit to the nurses also resulted in me learning how to inject myself … ugh.  Although they get you to practice with empty needles on pretend flesh it’s still a bit scary. 

The most important information I left with was no matter what you forget … don’t forget to ring them on the first day of your period!  They gave me a card with their number on it and repeated that I must not forget to ring them on the first day of my period. 

Then, I’ll start taking the contraceptive pill (!!!).