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Oh Boy.

The donor information arrived in the mail today.  I must say I was shocked.  Only four to choose from.  I read them and none of them sounded like us.  Not like someone I would date, let alone have as the father of my child.  It’s the truth.  And I feel so guilty and spoilt to think this because these beautiful men have donated their sperm for altruistic and loving reasons.

Reading their profiles.  They all seem so very genuine and so sensitive and caring.  I cried.  Then I re-read them and cried again.  I cried because I was so touched by their generosity and their love towards a child who has not even been created.  These men are heroes.  They are asked questions such as “What were you like at school? How would you describe your personality? Why are you donating? What are your hobbies?” and so on.

My husband was out of town so I had to try to fax them – didn’t work.  Why is it my fax line has mysteriously stopped working?  I scanned each page and emailed them to him – too large.  Had to send a million emails to him with one page each in them because the software for my scanner isn’t set up properly (long story) and I can’t change the scan properties.

We decided to ring the IVF Donor Administration and ask them if there was anyone else.  “No, very sorry, that’s all there is”. 

After doing some internet research I realise donor numbers are dropping as the likelihood of children tracking down their donor parent – and vice versa – is now quite high.  This is a whole area we are yet to deal with.  When to tell them.  How to tell them.  Should you tell them.

We decided on one lovely fellow.  They were all lovely.  God bless them.


Now I’m getting clever.

I took my little injection to the tennis I did!  I injected myself right there in the ladies’ room at the Champion’s Bar!  It’s amazing what goes on behind closed doors.  I then went back to our little group and had two chardonnays with no-one any the wiser (except my husband who I think admires me for giving myself injections!).

Now.  Should you drink whilst all this is going on?  I now feel a little bit guilty.  What if I corrupt the process in some way?

I read the doctor’s material and it says that you should avoid alcohol but if you do have some, just one or two drinks is not too bad.

Maybe I shouldn’t be worried.  But you never know. I’ve decided this is my last alcohol.  If I find out later that I am not pregnant I shall drink a bottle of chardonnay.


I sat very still with my skin pinched and an injection looming for at least ten minutes.  Maybe more.  Eventually I mustered up the guts to inject myself.  And then I did that again … and again.

Eventually, I actually injected myself.  In fact, I had worked myself up into such a state that I did not feel the needle go in

It surprised me how difficult it was to push the plunger down with my thumb – not that it hurt – it’s just that it took effort.  It didn’t slide down as easily as I expected it would.  The nurses told me to count the clicks but I didn’t remember to do that until it was over.

The worst part for me was the part where you have to leave the needle in place for five seconds before you remove it.  That’s when you start to notice the pain (what little pain there is!).

Afterwards you have to put the needle into this special little ‘sharps container’ they supply you with.  Cute.

All in all – fairly easy if I do say so myself!  Very proud I am!

The drug is follitropin and more information can be found here: http://www.drugs.com/cdi/gonal-f-rff-pen-solution.html.  Although, of course you should consult your doctor for information – not me.

The scan is internal.  You don’t have your legs in stirrups but they are in a similar position. 

Good news – ready to start production!   The wall of my uterus is thin and my ovaries are happy.  Suits me!

I was coughing like a mad woman with the doctor and again with the nurse – can’t wait until the antibiotics start to work.

Hmmm.  Injections start tomorrow.  Eeek.  I’m giving them to myself.

Now I just have to shake this cold/virus/bug that I have.  It has been really bad. 

I have been coughing consistently for two weeks and I am exhausted.  I also have high temperatures and a runny nose.  My husband has been sleeping downstairs because I just cough all night … ALL NIGHT!  It’s killing me.  Well it’s driving me mad and it’s very sad.  There seems to be no end in sight.  I keep saying to myself I’ll just wait one more day before I go to the doctor but I was not getting any better. 

I finally caved and went to my GP.  She prescribed me antibiotics and a puffer/inhaler.  I hope it is all cured by the time I go under the anaesthetic.

I’ve just realised I haven’t made the appointment for my scan yet.  Arggh!

I should’ve made it ages ago.  They told me about it on the schedule they sent me in the mail about a month ago.  Silly me again.

Made the appointment.  Phew.  It’s for Thursday.

I have now taken the pill for the last time.I am continuing with the nose sprays twice a day.  They are now easy to take.