A Taste of IVF Over 40

The Third Scan

Posted on: Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So much anxiety!  I was so excited to go to the doctor today that I forgot to take my nose spray before I left home.  Not to worry.  I took it when I got home, I was only an hour late.

He could see 8 follicles and then he found … a polyp. 

Hmmm … one of those little buggers again.  I had one of those about two years ago.  It was pretty simple to remove it.  He didn’t seem too phased by it although he was surprised it had not been detected on either of the two previous scans.

He said he’d put one embryo back for me.  I asked him if he could put two.  He said  “alright then”.  I was surprised he didn’t suggest two straight away.  Of course, I like to kid myself that this is because he forgot that I am 40 years old, because he thinks I only look 35, he he.  I could get all paranoid and think that he suggested only one because that’s all he figures I’ll get …

I figure two embryos is a good number.  I’d personally like three to go back in but I think it goes against the law/policy.  If I have twins it’ll be fine by us.  Having two embryos going back in will effectively double my chances.  As we said good-bye he said everything looked very good.

It seems my little eggs still need a bit more time to mature.  I will now continue to take the Synarel nose spray twice daily and the Gonal injections daily until Thursday.  I’ll ring the clinic after 2:00pm on Thursday and they’ll advise me of whether I am to have my egg pickup on Saturday or Monday.

After each visit to the doctor, I then walk down the corridor to the nurses; they are very knowledgeable.  Today the nurse explained to me that after you give yourself the ‘trigger’ injection (it’s in my fridge) you wait for a couple of days or so and then there will only be a three hour window during which the eggs must be retrieved by the doctor.   This injection is Ovidrel and is completely different from the other injections I’ve been taking.  It looks like a proper syringe and there is a fair-sized amount of air in this syringe (well, an amount the size of a pea).  I am supposed to inject all the fluid and then the air will follow.  The air will form a ‘plug’ after the fluid goes in to make sure it stays where it is is supposed to, or doesn’t come back out, or something (I am still not quite sure what she means).   “Fine”, I said, “I can do that”.  She was a very nice nurse – she said I looked like a famous actor from overseas.  Oh, these lovely people – they really know the right things to say 🙂 he he.


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