A Taste of IVF Over 40

My Trigger Injection – part 1

Posted on: Thursday, February 7, 2008

OK … it’s started!

A nurse rang me at 02:10pm today to tell me when I was going into hospital.  I was just about to ring her but she saved me the trouble.  I am really anxious and excited.  I am to go to hospital and have my eggs picked up on Saturday morning.  Therefore, I have to give myself the special little trigger injection at 10:15 tonight.  I actually rang her back to check about how to give myself this injection – as it is different to the others so far – but I was apparently right on the money. 

I am already nervous even though it is not until 10:00pm tonight. This injection will tell my ovaries to release all the eggs they’ve been growing.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep afterwards.  The nurse did tell me that this injection stings a little more than the Gonal injections (which really don’t hurt at all).  I’ll update this blog tomorrow morning and let you know how it went.


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