A Taste of IVF Over 40

Six Eggs

Posted on: Sunday, February 10, 2008

Alright.  I had my eggs collected and there were only six.  Yes, secretly I hoped for more than six but the real crux of the matter is the quality of the eggs and embryos, right?

Let me tell you what it was like.  I checked into the Day Procedure Centre at the Freemasons Hospital at 09:15am and I was in my gown by 10:15.  Prior to the procedure I spoke to the anaesthetist and my IVF specialist.  I made sure I confirmed the initials of my donor prior to the procedure (because we had changed our minds at one point).  I was lying on my bed in the operating room and I was introduced to the scientist who would be working on my eggs through a window.  The window was much like a servery window from a kitchen – sort of.  Anyway, it means that the eggs can be taken from me and passed immediately to the scientist through the window where she can work on them.  She told me that there were six follicles.  I said “Oh, I thought there were more than that”.  She said, oh yes, there were two small ones (but I could tell by her body language that they were too small).

Oh boy, at this I felt quite sad, and mentioned to the wonderful nurse that I might get a bit emotional.  She was so nice and blotted a couple of my tears with a tissue.  My anaesthetist was by now preparing my arm to sedate me.  He said so many nice things to make me feel better – he was even being funny!  These people are sooo lovely!

I soon felt the drug.  It started in the back of my throat and surged through my body.  After a few seconds I was off to sleep.  It seemed like the very next moment I was waking up, and feeling blissfully relaxed and calm.  Mmm-mm.

After half an hour or so I was eating raisin toast and drinking tea!  How civilised!  My IVF specialist came to see me and told me he got six eggs.  I was not surprised given that I had only six follicles so I was already over it and I was thinking positively again.  And he didn’t give me any evidence to be concerned at all.

Eventually, my husband was called in from the waiting room to help me get dressed and we left about half an hour later.  I think we were gone by about 12:30 or so.  I was given a couple of panadeine by one of the nurses.  I took two more panadol when I needed to because I was sore for the rest of the day.  I spent the rest of the day on the couch with my husband propping me up, getting me cups of tea and more toast.  Mmmm-mmm.  I felt very spoilt actually!


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