A Taste of IVF Over 40

Waiting for My Embryo Transfer

Posted on: Sunday, February 10, 2008

The easy part.  Tomorrow I shall drive into the city and get the embryos put inside me.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed because at this point I have no idea what quality the eggs are and how many of them successfully fertilised. 

Will I have any embryos left over for freezing?  Will there be any that are good enough for transferring?  I suppose at least one has fertilised because otherwise they wouldn’t have contacted me with the time for my transfer.  Unless, they are just taking advantage of that appointment time to tell me face-to-face that it didn’t work?   Aaagh.  I’d better get off the couch!  My idle mind is creating all kinds of useless scenarios. 

This cycle has gone pretty well with hardly any side effects (so far?) so if I have to go through it again I won’t mind.

Most of today I felt no pain at all and I slept well last night. 

I say that and then I have to admit that I went grocery shopping in the afternoon.  I shouldn’t have.  I got home, took two panadol and ensconced myself on the couch.  My abdomen was sore. 

Now, I am not a chocolate eater.  I could count on one hand the amount of chocolate bars I’ve bought in the last five years.  But I bought myself a whole family block of fruit and nut when I was at Aldi this afternoon and I ate about four rows of it whilst I was on the couch!

I’ll let you know how the transfer goes  …


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