A Taste of IVF Over 40

Only Six Eggs but FOUR Embryos!

Posted on: Monday, February 11, 2008

Wow!  I am so over the moon!  Four good-looking embryos!  The best two are for me today and the other two will be frozen for later.

I left home in such a tiz this morning.  I was all ready to leave but I couldn’t find my sunglasses.  It’s so sunny in Melbourne today that I had to wear them for the drive into the city.  Well, I ended up finding an old pair and shoved them on my face as I flew out the door.  When I got to East Melbourne I parked the car and grabbed my hairbrush out of my handbag to run it through my hair.  Oh excellent!  I found my sunglasses – they were on my head the whole time!

When I got to the clinic I was ushered to a special waiting room that I think is just for us gals receiving transfers.  Although there were a couple of men there so I’m not sure exactly.  My IVF doctor called me into a small room and I changed into a gorgeous floral gown, he he.  I hopped onto the bed and we began.  The procedure felt a lot like a pap smear, but it took longer.  In fact, I’ve had more painful pap smears!

The best part was when the ‘lady out the back’ (scientist?) put my two (beautiful looking) embryos up onto a small TV screen.  I got to see them right before they were inserted.  Then she sucked them up into a very thin, long flexible looking tube.  She passed the tube to my doctor and he put the embryos into my uterus.  Yay!  It took 5 minutes. 

Now.  Let me describe this to you.  There is a strong urge to just lay there.  You don’t want them to fall out!!  I almost had to peel myself off the bed.  You go to all this effort and then after they’ve been inserted you just stand up??!

Of course I had to bring it up.  My doctor explained it well: “think of the drops of water left on your skin after you get out of the shower … they don’t go anywhere, they don’t run down – they stay as drops on your skin”.

Well, that’s what my two embryos are doing … I’m hoping they like it where they are!

I have a blood test on the 25th February to see if they decided to stick around.  Until then I’ll just think pregnant I guess.


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