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Not Pregnant – Home Pregnancy Test

Posted on: Saturday, February 23, 2008


Okay.  I am not pregnant.  I am due for my blood test tomorrow and just this morning my home pregnancy test (HPT) again showed that I am not pregnant.  It is about 13 days, or two weeks, since the embryos were transferred.  I’m expecting my period anytime soon.

You know, I think it is a good idea doing the home pregnancy test first.  I will actually be OK on the phone tomorrow when they tell me.  I doubt I will miraculously become pregnant between now and tomorrow morning.   I no longer feel insane.  I have some clear information (five pregnancy tests in four days) and so I have settled, even if the news isn’t what I wanted to hear.

I’ll post the official blood test outcome tomorrow but my next step is to seek out a new plan of attack from my IVF doctor.  I have no time to waste and I am keen to see how soon he will get me back in the system.  I am physically feeling fine.  Just beaten up mentally – but I’m ready for round two.


4 Responses to "Not Pregnant – Home Pregnancy Test"

Hi I am well over 40. Just turned 47 and up until 3 days ago, trying desperately to do this naturally I was pregnant two years ago without trying. .

I started on natural progesterone last Thurday . This was my first of five screwy charts. Temp dropped below coverline WHICH was out of whack because of two high preov temps.

I have to start testing HPT before I can ease off progesterone each month now so I can start new cycle.

Hang in there. Wishing you the best with Round two!

CLARIFICATION First REALLY screwy chart of five cycles. Got me spooked. Should be thankful I’ve been so consistent. THUS FAR.

I am on day 8 since the transfer took a home test this afternoon it says negative, do you think it’s to early or am I just in denial….

Morning, I would say it’s to early. You would not have noticed a miss period as yet if you had not had the ivf.. fingers crossed for you

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