A Taste of IVF Over 40

Time to Start Again

Posted on: Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yesterday my miracle didn’t come.  My HCG blood test level was only 2.  My husband rang me and I had a good cry on the phone.  He was such a darling when he told me.  I drank half a bottle of wine last night (my husband had the other half – well, OK I had more than he did).  Bad idea!  I have a hangover today AND I conveniently got my period/AF this morning to rub it in good and proper. 

My IVF specialist rang me later in the day to say he wanted to remove my polyp next week.  I guess I’ll be back in the swing of things pretty soon after that – he knows that I am seriously running out of time.  I’ve put my ‘big shoes’ on and so I am now pulling myself together and reassessing my options. 

QUESTION:  If you are able to help me make a decision, I’d be grateful.

We have two frozen embryos.  I’m thinking of asking my doctor to leave them frozen and stimulate me again asap.  I am 40 years old and I know my eggs are on their last legs.  The cycle I just had seemed to give me four good embryos out of six eggs.  I’d rather harvest my eggs whilst I still have them, keep trying with fresh embryos, and keeping growing my stash of frozen embryos.  I am 40. Once my eggs become too poor to use, if I am not pregnant, I can then start on the frozen embryos.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?


6 Responses to "Time to Start Again"

Not a bad idea to try stimming again, especially with that response. I’ve read that they’ve kept frozen embryos up to 12 years and they’re still good. As long as your uterus is in good shape, you’ve got plenty of time to tranfser those embies later on. I wish you the very best of luck no matter which way you go!

I’m with you. I currently have 2 embryos currently growing in a dish. Will have one transferred on Thursday. If it doesn’t work I will be talking with my doctor about another full cycle.

The odds of pregnancy are better with a fresh transfer and I agree it is probably better to harvest the eggs while you still have them. I have had a poor response to the drugs so think it is probably worth another go with a higher dose.

Good luck with your decision.

I absolutely agree with you. If you’re up for another full cycle then go for it and save your frozen embryos for now.

I just found you through “Lost and Found”. I’m wondering what makes you think your current frozen embryos are not good? I’m 41 and I just got pregnant with my own eggs. The embryologist told me that my eggs responded more like someone who is 10 years younger. This was after being cancelled in my 1st IVF cycle for “poor response”, though my RE never labeled me as such. If you are going to go for your own eggs, take at least a 3 cycle/3 month break before your next cycle to get your eggs ready. Also, do everything possible to produce the best eggs. Your eggs start developing 3-5 months before you ovulate! I’ve always had faith in my eggs. Don’t buy into the negativity of being “older”.

You are very lucky to have eggs in such good condition! I am afraid that my eggs are pretty average for a 40 year old – only in fair condition. But you are right, maybe I am being overly negative. I’ll ask my doctor to clearly explain his take on the matter.
It is a good point that you raise about the break before my next cycle. Perhaps my doctor will explain to me that he wants me to do this. I guess I’ll find out on Monday. If this is the case, then I’ll obviously be putting the frozen embryos back in if I can do it in the meantime. Thanks so much for your information.

please dont give up we failed with our ist attempt having 1 grade a embryo in nov 09 got the dreaded bad news 2 weeks b4 xmas like a knife through our hearts,we have just had 2 frozen grade a embryos replaced 3 weeks ago and im pregnant,never thought this could happen to me but it has im so nervous, my dh is like jumping all over the place but also worried about the early weeks of pregnancy,keep going ladies it will happen if its happenend to me it will happen to you xxxx

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