A Taste of IVF Over 40

A Third Attempt at IVF

Posted on: Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am feeling happy, strong and healthy again.  You know I think the hormones are at least 50% of the reason I felt so scared and helpless during the last few days of my two week wait.  I was irrational!  The other 50% was probably due to the fact that I didn’t have enough distractions.  I feel pretty good again now.  I’m positive, but not as naively optimistic as I was.  As of today I feel a lot less lethargic – although I firmly believe the lethargy I’ve been experiencing is mostly mental because if I am distracted and if I am feeling good about myself – there is no lethargy. 

My IVF doctor is pretty wonderful, I think.  When I had my last embryo transfer I couldn’t help but say to him how fortunate I felt and how lucky I was that there were people like him with the knowledge to assist us.  His reply … “it’s a privelege to be able to be a part of your process and to provide this assistance”.  I’m very happy with him.  I am very satisfied with his knowledge and experience.  He’s removing a little polyp for me on Monday morning.  I can’t wait to find out what his plan of attack is now that he understands more about how my body responds to the drugs. 

I’ll be asking him what he thinks about doing another stimulation again instead of using my two frozen embryos.  Unless he has a really good reason why I shouldn’t, I’m thinking that this may be what we’ll do next time.  If there was a really good reason, what could it be, I wonder?  I’m also going to ask him to tell me what he thinks about putting three embryos back next time.  Although, I think it may go against the clinic’s policy.


2 Responses to "A Third Attempt at IVF"

Not doing fertility anything other than the progesterone creme BUT when I found myself preg at 45 I had the best “HIGH RISK” medical care possiblem I believe . Renee , the midwife was awesome too! I will always remember HER fondly. SO SO SO supportive.

I’d drive the two hours back to Ft Myers on a daily basis if I had to IF it meant getting the same kind of care. It makes a difference, NOTHING worse than a doc who IS pessimistic and seemingly going thru the motions.

Feel GOOD! Stay positive. Take Care! And the VERY BEST of LUCK to you and yours.with IVF 3.

Thank you preconceived, you are very encouraging. I appreciate it.

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