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A Polyp May Increase Your Chances of Embryo Implantation?

Posted on: Friday, February 29, 2008

Outstanding!  This article says there is an enhanced opportunity for implantation immediately following the removal of a polyp or a D&C: http://www.infertilitysolutions.com/thoughts_polyps.html.

I am secretly asking myself “Why on earth am I still on the internet?!!”.  My secret answer is that I cannot seem to get enough information about all this IVF stuff.  I may ask for a job at my clinic!

Now, seeing as how I am getting my polyp out in two days, I shall be asking my IVF doctor what his opinion is on this information.  Am I lucky to have a small polyp that’s about to come out?  I’ll let you know!  Anyone else have any information about what they’ve experienced with polyps or D&Cs?


2 Responses to "A Polyp May Increase Your Chances of Embryo Implantation?"

Interesting . I know that chances are higher immediately following birth, miscarriage or D& C. etc. I assume this is because the you have been dilated. A medical procedure seems to follow along those lines. You are raw and ripe I guess. Hope that helps.

My sons are 11 months (to the day) apart. It didn’t take long for son # 2 and was using a diaphram OR trying to! But ofcourse i was 19 years old too when he was born!

You write great articles and I love you first subscribe to the hey ~ 😉

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