A Taste of IVF Over 40

Polyp Removed, Ready for Frozen Embryo Transfer

Posted on: Monday, March 3, 2008

I got my polyp out yesterday – everything went perfectly well.  I am 100% today and ready to take the IVF challenge once again 🙂

OK – Contrary to (my) popular belief, I am not going on another stimulated cycle straight away.  I am getting my two frozen embryos put back in asap.  I asked my IVf doctor what he thought about keeping the frozen ones for later and stimulating me again asap.  I could have just asked him to go home for the day.  I would have got the same response!  Silly me. 

Now, it may have been the after-effects of the anaesthetic but I could have sworn he said he’d transfer the frozen embryos this month.  Well! I couldn’t be stimulated that quickly so, why not?  I’ll know in a month if it worked – no time lost at all.  I’m seeing him on Monday morning for a scan so he can make sure he’s happy to proceed.  And, they will be transferred directly after a D&C – that should help my chances, according to the article in my previous post!

I could be pregnant in four weeks! 

I have to admit that I didn’t ask him any of the questions I had on the list in my head – waking up from anaesthetic isn’t the time to structure clever sentences.  I’ll ask him on Monday.


1 Response to "Polyp Removed, Ready for Frozen Embryo Transfer"

Smiles. Sounds like things went perfectly well! HAHA. Especially waking with jello brain after anestiesia (spelling?) Seriously glad things went well. At least now you have time to tweak the list. Good LUCK sweetie.

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