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Waiting to Ovulate

Posted on: Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It is now day 17 and I have not had my LH surge. I’ve only got one more LH test left (for tomorrow) and if that isn’t positive I’ll have to ring the clinic and get some more; they only gave me five.

I had no idea that this would take so long. I have always had a longish cycle – about 32-33 days. Now I remember back to all those times I tried to fall pregnant (pre-IVF) by simply making sure we ‘did it’ around day 14. Ha, ha … ha.

Ordinarily I would be frightened that I missed my ovulation altogether but the scan four days ago showed my IVF doctor that I had a follicle-behaving-nicely.

Help? Is it possible that the follicle just changed its mind and did not mature? Oh no. I can feel another Google search coming on. Why do I have to be so nosy?


4 Responses to "Waiting to Ovulate"

Ok no surge on day 17? Not unheard of.

I have extemely short cycles )24-25 days *started getting shorter as I aged) and surge day 12 ovulate fast on day 13 usually I have RARELY in life had a cycle longer than 28 days. IF your luteal phase is 14 days or even less like mine 12 or even 11 days sometimes. It would add up nicely Do you know how long your luteal phase is? That would help you alot in determining when to expect surge and ovulation.

If it makes you feel better, I am down to one too! :0 . Iwanted to get thru one cycle without using more than 8 day supply. That rarely happens. HA!

Is that second line getting darker? I wouldn’t panic. IT happens alot. Late ovulation. And if you have long cycles, not even late. ! Take care. No worries!

I won’t scare you by regaling you with the tale of my most recent FET where I failed the clomid ovulation induction, couldn’t use the LH kits at all because my LH was in the surge range all the time, put up with daily blood draws for weeks……aaannnd kinda-ovulated (with a trigger) on CD 30 something.

My longest spontaneous cycle was over half a year, though, so it could have been much worse….


im having a hard time to predict my ovulation……my cycle is longish too…..31-35 days…..At day 13, my follicles are still small…..going for a checkup tomorrow…we’ll see…

Thank you. It’s amazing how different we all are. Good luck to us all.

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