A Taste of IVF Over 40

Only One Embryo Survived the Thaw

Posted on: Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It’s funny you know (not funny ha-ha, funny strange). My doctor broke some bad news to me yesterday and said that only one of my two embryos had survived the thaw. I was like – “Oh well, at least we have the other one”. Why wasn’t I upset?

Now, if I had just emerged from a 2 week wait I’m sure I would have been much more upset, but there had been no build-up to this bad news. It’s like the 2 week wait gradually builds in intensity and then hits a crescendo at the end of the 14 days. You are so much more hopeful/delicate/irrational at the end – well, that’s what I’ve noticed about me.

The 2 week wait screws with your mind. It builds your hopes and dreams. It allows you a hint of family-fantasy. You just get so swamped with hope. Wouldn’t it be good if you could go into a deep sleep for 14 days and wake up and find out if you were pregnant – like only 10 minutes had passed. I KNOW that I would be a lot better off if you could do that … ahh, silly me again.

Of course, my chance of getting pregnant this cycle is now greatly reduced but I am very happy that the embryo that was transferred looks very good – grade 2 embryo – so said the scientist and the doctor. I am very proud of my 40 year old system. I seem to make good eggs, still. For a little while at least.

The blood test for my HCG level is on Monday the 31st march. This would put me at 14 days from the thawed embryo transfer and 16 days from ovulation.

This is a natural cycle and I tell you what, compared to an IVF stimulation cycle it is eerily calm. Everything is so normal. I don’t feel all ‘suped up’ on whoremoanes and my body feels wonderful – not bloated or sore. I’m not taking anything. No hormones. Nothing – just waiting now.

Oh, and don’t think for a second that I won’t resort to a home pregnancy test. 
Are you mad??!!  I’ll be starting those in about a week! I have found a website where you can buy heaps at a time for next to nothing. http://www.fertilitynaturopath.com.  I just ordered 20 for $27.00.  Well? … it saved on the postage 😛


6 Responses to "Only One Embryo Survived the Thaw"

I am sorry about your embryo. I am a little confused about that. I mean the process of freezing? New this cycle? It’s yours right? Sorry to sound so stupid!

I know how you feel about the feeling of delicacy. I feel pregnant WELL very maternal and like an incubator almost from the moment of perfect timing and confirmed ovulation.. And VERY, VERY proud of this 47 year old reproductive system . Gawd, you should have seen me when I WAS pregnant at 45. Despite a very traumatizing pregnancy and symptoms, I FELT like Mother Nature herself. 😀 Who would have thunk it, ya know?

As far as the age thing, told it doesn’t have anything to do with your maternal age as much as your egg reserve too! Considering I was told that I had malformed, immaturish organs as a teen, I can justify all this, with perhaps I just caught up with myself. A LATE BLOOMER! Huh!!!!!

Anyway, I am right here with you. 😀 My temps dipped a bit today but I woke earlier than I have been too. We will see.

I had two embryos left over from my last IVF attempt. There was a total of four, they transferred two fresh ones and they froze the other two. Trouble is, about 30% of embryos don’t make it through the freezing and thawing process.

Yes, I would be very glad to have a system like yours! Good luck to both of us!

Thanks for sharing. Now I have CLUE in my old feeble brain of mine . AND YES, good luck to both of us. 😀

I recently had a embryo transfer. 9 days ago to be precise i am walking round on egg shells. I have a couple of symprons. sore breasts urinating a lot more feeling sick. We only had one embryo put back because thats all i produced, but it was a 8 cell which is good. But its driving me crazy. I have my pregnancy test on the 13. Good luck to all.


Just wanted to know if I should be having any symptons of pregnancy….I had my embryo transfer (2); seven days ago. I have to go back for blood work on Valentine’s day. (4 days from today)

(I am very nervous because i don’t feel anything at all. I actually feel very good….

I had 4 frozen embroy. The day of the transfer, my Dr told me that only 2 survived but the survived embroy was infected by bacteria. as such he had cancelled my transfer & put me on antibiotics for 3 months. Anyone, had experience anything like this before?

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