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Still Waiting – 10 Days Since Ovulation

Posted on: Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I hope the 20 pregnancy tests I ordered arrive today. 

It’s now 10 days since I ovulated and eight days since the frozen embryo was transferred.  I do not feel pregnant at all – not a symptom.  I have my official HCG blood test in another six days but I’ll definately know for certain by then.

This two week wait has been much easier.  I am not thinking pregnant.  To be honest, I had a beer last night.  I’ll let you know how my home pregnancy test goes as soon as I have a response. 


4 Responses to "Still Waiting – 10 Days Since Ovulation"

Good luck to you. I am glad to hear that this 2WW has not been to bad for you.

I will be checking in regularly to get the good news. I re-start the Synarel this Friday….

Happy New Year babies for everyone I say!!

I am impressed by your lack of obsessing. Even though I try to take the same approach. (Think not, hope for yes) I still can’t help but obsess.
Hope you get a lovely surprise soon.

You find out your results 2 days before mine – i wish you loads of luck!

April 6 is the day we find out

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