A Taste of IVF Over 40

Home Pregnancy Test Says I’m Not Pregnant

Posted on: Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh well.  It should be quite accurate – very sensitive test and 11dpo.  I’ll do it again tomorrow just for entertainment’s sake but now I’m looking forward to another stimulated cycle. 

I have absolutely no idea why I am almost detached from the process this time.  I am behaving completely differently from my last two week wait.  It might be because this was a completely natural cycle and there were no additional hormones added to my system.  It might be because I got so hurt last time I switched myself off mentally a bit.  Also, I never really believed it would work – faced the odds without the influence of hormones: over 40 using one thawed embryo. 

Still four days until my official HCG blood test – that’s like the most useless thing I can imagine doing.  The bright side?  Easy … the odds are up for other people who are currently waiting for their results. 


25 Responses to "Home Pregnancy Test Says I’m Not Pregnant"

I got a neg today too on official FF test date . And another dip in temps. Down … Down … Down. I guess I’ll wait a few more days and try again. NO sign of AF yet. In fact, I felt REALLY absent of any symptoms last night. Expected something if only spotting by now.

I feel like that about my negatives too, like someone else is getting to have the positive because I got the negative. I hate that I think like that.
I’m sorry about the result. This is all so terribly hard.

I have 3 more days for the blood test, but this waiting is absolute torture! I just want to know, one way or the other. This is my first “attempt,” but we’ve been trying for almost 2 years now. Did 3 artificial insemminations that were unsuccessful. Then the transfer was supposed to happen in January, but I got so sick from the hyperstimulation that my doctor didn’t allow it to happen and we had to freeze all my eggs and skip a fresh cycle. I feel for everyone going through this, it’s hard for others to understand.

I had FET transfer 10 days ago, took a home preg test today (day 10) a negative, am feeling miserable. Have the blood test in 4 days time but feel like there is no point. This was my 3rd attempt, 1st 2 times were IVF, both resulted in preg and miscarried both around 8 weeks. It’s just no fair.

I cheated today and did a home pregnancy test and it was a BFN. This is my 5th IVF cycle and I’ve never taken a home test, but i just couldn’t wait this time. I guess it’s the holiday hoopla and feeling sad and anxiec because I spent all of my days with everyone else’s kids. I am happy for everyone and their kids, but i am so depressed for me and DH. I am hoping for a miracle one of these days. Will go for blood test in 4 days.

I hope your dreams came true 🙂 or they will soon, im 42 waiting for my pregnancy test after 6 days , i did 3 IUI and they failed, and this is my first IVF,yes it’s a hard process in every aspect, wish everybody the best ,and the effort to sustain this procedure.

I’m really blah! I just do not know so confused, sad, upset, angry it seems so hard. I’ve been trying with my great husband for about 7 years now, 2-3 AI so far just went through IVF go for first time blood test tom, find out mon, however I could not refuse temptation on day 8 I took a HP NEGATIVE I was crushed, don’t know if I’m in denial or what still have hope…..that maybe come mon the blood test might say positive. I just found out that my brother inlaw’s fiance, was knocked up before they were ingaged, due to be married next month, been engaged for 3 weeks and shes a month along. I’m happy for them just blah that some people don’t try or plan and it’s given to them….

just like to comment on your green theme. It keep my eyes tiny and i will not be able to read it easy. it is so bright. maybe help to select a new theme would make it easier, Bye the way your story is interesting 😀

I had 3 embryos transferred (FET) 10 days ago, since then had no symptoms, just period like cramping. Took hpt 5 days ago – negative, took another one today same thing. Blood test in 4 days – I am a little discouraged now, all kind of negative thoughts going through my mind. But there is still some hope there.

Last time I got pregnant (IVF) my first hpt was also negative, the second one I took about 12 days after transfer was positive (had the second line very fair pink), so I called my doctor and went to take my blood test same day (2 days earlier then scheduled) and it confirmed that I was preggo. But I also felt very sick for about 3 days, I even had to go to the the emergency room 2 nights in a row. This time nothing like that, just cramps. So I am wondering if the lack of nausea is the sigh of me not being pregnant this time? In two days I’ll take another hpt and see what it will show. After all the first time I’ve waited to the 12 days mark. so may be 10 days is too soon to tell by using hpt.

2ww is really hard.

Hello All,

Don’t give up!!!! I had a negative on a 6 day early test — Clear blue easy, I believe, and it was totally wrong!!!!! The doctor was mad I tested early because these test are not accurate. I called an asked for a test four days earlier than my normal test date and they agreed. It showed 30 that day and on my official 2 week wait date it was 169!!!! DO NOT GIVE UP THOSE TEST DO NOT WORK FOR IVF — AND DEAR GAWD DO NOT STOP THE PROGESTERONE!!! I did get pregnant on my first IVF at age 41 so if I can anyone can…..:)

Hi all im on day 4 post TF of 2 5day embryos, the doc said they looked perfect so hopefully i will get a positive. I did take a test this am and expected a BFN as i did but i wanted to make sure all the HCG Trigger was out of my system, im gonna test again on day 7. I had crampi g for the first 3 days and today really nothing except tender swollen breasts but they always get like that before my period. Anyway wishing all lots of baby dust!!

I am 41 and am in my 2nd round of ivf. The blood test is tomorrow. I took a hpt today and it was negative:( They tell you not to test that way b/c of all the meds…has anyone had any positive results?

Thank you for your post. I took an over the counter test 5 days after transfer and it was negative. I got to wait for day 9 and 12 for blood test.

The whole process of IVF is so technical and stressful, mentally you are hopeful, but they are days you pray and ask God “why me”. So you continue with you injections and hope for the best. This is my first IVF and I like others could not wait. I had two grade A embryos transfer on April 15, Just took clear blue easy test and it was negative. I know I should have just waited until my blood test this tuesday 4/26 now I don’t even want to go take the blood test because of fear of a negative is sinking in. I’m 41 and I am really trying to keep the faith and pray for a miracle. This is Easter and I pray I have that Easter egg in me.

I’m prayig for a miracle too, I got really touched with your comment, I hope God gave you your heart desire as He grants us the best.Im 42 waiting too for my one and onley IVF results.

I’m 37 and second IVF. I had two cell 8 grade B embryos transfered on 11/25/2011. I took first response test this morning and it was negative. I don’t know what to tell to my husband. It will brake his heart. I’ve blood test scheduled for tomorrow. I was praying day and night…

I had my transfer day 5 on December 26, 2011. This is my second IVF and 42 years old. My doctor has told me that my body responds well to the meds and that I actually do as well as patients he has that are ten years younger than I. All the hpt I have taken which are about 15 are negative and I have had my share of cries. I have been reading that the hpt don’t work on IVF patients-this doesn’t make sense because I had friends who did IVF and their hpt turned positive by day 8! My blood test is tomorrow and I have decided to pass on it. I just don’t want to hear the bad news!

me too! got negative blood test yesterday but am still hoping!

Mellie- I hope you are too! I just feel so hopeless these days.

Trudy, how did it go with you? I am on day 13 and today my HPT came out negative. I do the blood test tomorrow. Last night I was up since 1.30AM with stabbing pains in my uterus. I am freaking out.

This is a difficult process when it doesn’t happen. I am not pregnant. I will be 43 in less than two weeks and I don’t know if I will try to get pregnant. Thank you for asking about me. Let me know what happened with you and is this your first IVF?

Just keep on praying and believe. The wait is the worst part of the ivf proceed urge. We can take all the needles and the poking. It’s the waiting that sucks.

DC WE d w

this is my 2nd IVF.I had my hpt today on 14th day of FET.it came negative. I still took my evening meds because i,m for blood test tomorrow and don,t wanna lose hope.

I’m losing my last embryo now. I had 2 embryos left, one didn’t survive the thaw, and the last one was perfect. I started bleeding Xmas day – absolutely gutted. I’m 42 and cannot afford to start the process all over again. I’ll never be a Mommy. So unfair.

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