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She started off by looking at my tongue.  Said I was low on energy, stressed and had a digestive problem. 

It was quick, easy and painless.  I didn’t have to undress.  I wore a tracksuit and she put needles into my tummy, ankles, ears, and forehead.  The ears and forehead are for reducing stress and the ankles are connected to my tummy (yes they are!).  Because I’m only about three weeks off the transfer date she said there was no need for Chinese herbs; just the acupuncture. 

My next session is booked for the morning of my scan on May 1st.  This is good timing so I can tell her what the doc says about how I’m lookin’ inside.


I’m going to try Chinese medicine!  It can’t hurt and I have nothing to lose.

Yep, I’ve read heaps of blogs where it hasn’t worked, and others where the women say that they think it made a big difference.

This place is all about helping women get pregnant with Chinese Medicine.  The statistics they show are interesting.  This document is full of stats and convincing benefits.  Sadly, they say you should ideally start three months prior to your IVF treatment.  Who cares, I’ll give it a go anyway.  Like I said it can’t hurt and I have nothing to lose … well, I hope it doesn’t hurt.

OK, I just made the appointment for 2:00pm today (that’s in about two hours).  Yes, they said that it would have been good to have gone in earlier and got started three months ago.  Anyway,  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Three weeks will have to be enough at this stage.  It’s $85 for the initial acupuncture treatment and then $70 each weekly treatment thereafter with treatments immediately before and after my egg transfer.

It makes such a difference when people take the time to add a comment to your blog, doesn’t it?  Thank you.  I’m thinking positively and not feeling sorry for myself.  What a sooky-bub.  So many people are going through the same sort of thing, and yet still being so helpful; angels on earth. 

I’m still taking the pill and I started my Synarel today.  I’m looking forward to the headaches because they’ll mean something is happening; yay!  My first scan appointment for this cycle is the 1st of May.  May will be my month.

Did I tell you?  This cycle is going to work because my doctor reckons there’s only about 365 days until my eggs run out.  Is that too negative? … OK I added a few days ‘cos I reckon my eggs are hot!  Not hot cooked, hot cool.  Oh.  How about “my eggs are beautiful“? 


I am quietly freaking out. 

It has been six months since I first contacted this IVF clinic and I am only just about to start my second stimulated cycle.  I feel utterly helpless.  Why did I have to go on the pill and seemingly waste so much time?  I am in a cold sweat with worry.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t so old.  It better work.

Two days until I start my Synarel nasal spray.

The Synarel is similar to Lupron, if that rings any bells. 

Instead of injecting it, you spray/sniff it up your nose and absorb it through the membranes in your nose.  It’s just a little spray bottle, like one you use when you have a cold or sinusitis.  I don’t know how the drugs differ and I guess doctors have a reason for prescribing one or the other.  Personally, I’d rather a convenient nasal spray as opposed to an injection any day.

The purpose of both is to supress ovulation.  They stop the pituitary gland from interfering with the follicle stimulating hormones, like Gonal-F, and releasing the LH surge that makes us ovulate (how to stuff up a cycle) – I read that here and here

Maybe they take a while to kick into gear because I take it from the week before I stop the pill until the day of my trigger injection.  I haven’t taken Lupron but I get the feeling from the articles that it’s similar timeframes.  I also read here that they both take a while to wear off and may affect your next cycle. 

I take one spray each morning and another spray each night.  Some women do get sore noses or sore throats but I don’t … I do get pretty intense headaches from it though.

Okey-dokey.  I am taking the pill until the 23rd of April.  I start my Synarel nasal spray on the 17th of April.  My first scan is the 1st May.  Then, things will get REALLY interesting! 

I am actually looking forward to taking my whoremoanes and turning into an irrational mad-woman.

And that’s a good thing 🙂