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9 Days Until I Start the Synarel

Posted on: Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Synarel is similar to Lupron, if that rings any bells. 

Instead of injecting it, you spray/sniff it up your nose and absorb it through the membranes in your nose.  It’s just a little spray bottle, like one you use when you have a cold or sinusitis.  I don’t know how the drugs differ and I guess doctors have a reason for prescribing one or the other.  Personally, I’d rather a convenient nasal spray as opposed to an injection any day.

The purpose of both is to supress ovulation.  They stop the pituitary gland from interfering with the follicle stimulating hormones, like Gonal-F, and releasing the LH surge that makes us ovulate (how to stuff up a cycle) – I read that here and here

Maybe they take a while to kick into gear because I take it from the week before I stop the pill until the day of my trigger injection.  I haven’t taken Lupron but I get the feeling from the articles that it’s similar timeframes.  I also read here that they both take a while to wear off and may affect your next cycle. 

I take one spray each morning and another spray each night.  Some women do get sore noses or sore throats but I don’t … I do get pretty intense headaches from it though.


9 Responses to "9 Days Until I Start the Synarel"

Excellent information. I just started Lupron injections last night, and it also overlaps the birth control pill. I have to take BC for 17 days total, and I have 5 days left (including today). The injection really wasn’t bad – I didn’t feel it at all.

The spray seems very convenient! Thanks for taking the time to explain all that. I’m new to the process and have been semi-reluctant to learn about it (until now) because I kept hoping it wouldn’t get to this point.

I used Syr.anel for the first time in my last cycle, all the other cycles I have injected.

Don’t do what I did and mess up how long to use the bottle. There is a limit to the amount of times you use it (think its 60 sniffs) and I only counted that I was using it twice a day (sniffing morning and night) and forgot I had 2 nostrils, therefore 4 sniffs a day…..d’oh!!

good luck.

Hopefully this will be a cycle with a positive result for you! I never used the nasal spray before…at this point I am always amazed when there is a drug I haven’t used!
This is the first time I am visiting your blog and I will be sure to keep checking on you and sending you happy vibes.

I suffer the Synarel headaches too, they are killers aren’t they! Good luck with this cycle.

Very high chance to get pregnant to take synarel spray,I think!! Good luck.;-)

Hi i have just started my ivf cycle and have just finished the pill forgot to start my spray two days ago what should i do

Are you aware of the potentially life-threatening side-effects of these drugs? Check out pituitary apoplexy. I was prescribed this to treat endometriosis. As bad as it is, I will not be risking my life by taking this, Lupron, or any of those others.

go fuck your own ass anonymous

I am starting Synarel next month if we are not successful with IUI this month. Any suggestions? I have already tried Femara and HCG trigger shots. My endo was very bad, but I have only had 1 surgery thus far, in October 2009.


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