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Thanks for Your Thoughts

Posted on: Thursday, April 17, 2008

It makes such a difference when people take the time to add a comment to your blog, doesn’t it?  Thank you.  I’m thinking positively and not feeling sorry for myself.  What a sooky-bub.  So many people are going through the same sort of thing, and yet still being so helpful; angels on earth. 

I’m still taking the pill and I started my Synarel today.  I’m looking forward to the headaches because they’ll mean something is happening; yay!  My first scan appointment for this cycle is the 1st of May.  May will be my month.

Did I tell you?  This cycle is going to work because my doctor reckons there’s only about 365 days until my eggs run out.  Is that too negative? … OK I added a few days ‘cos I reckon my eggs are hot!  Not hot cooked, hot cool.  Oh.  How about “my eggs are beautiful“? 



7 Responses to "Thanks for Your Thoughts"

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Let’s hope that your scan and my beta show good results on May 1.

I hope this is the cycle for you. Good luck with your beautiful eggs.

heeheee you’ve got beautiful Limited Edition eggs – they’re Fabergé’s! Sorry… IVF has warped my humour.

You’re right. May is the month! Then the delays, the stress and the headaches will all be worth it.

Ha ha ha … laughed so hard – tears in my eyes. Yes, my beautiful Limited Edition eggs!

Best of luck for this cycle, I hope this is the lucky one for you!
I’ll be checking in daily to hear your news 🙂


March 08 IVF/ICSI #1 – Neg
May 08 FET #1 planned

You see….Limited Edition means “exceptional” and “extra special” and “spectacular” so that is what your eggs are!! That is why this is your month!
We are all sending happy vibes your way~

Girl, you know you and your fine self have some fabulous eggies in there. Don’t let the doom-and-gloom crowd (ie: anybody w/MD or RE after name) getcha down! Go go go!

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