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Going to Try Chinese Medicine

Posted on: Thursday, April 24, 2008

I’m going to try Chinese medicine!  It can’t hurt and I have nothing to lose.

Yep, I’ve read heaps of blogs where it hasn’t worked, and others where the women say that they think it made a big difference.

This place is all about helping women get pregnant with Chinese Medicine.  The statistics they show are interesting.  This document is full of stats and convincing benefits.  Sadly, they say you should ideally start three months prior to your IVF treatment.  Who cares, I’ll give it a go anyway.  Like I said it can’t hurt and I have nothing to lose … well, I hope it doesn’t hurt.

OK, I just made the appointment for 2:00pm today (that’s in about two hours).  Yes, they said that it would have been good to have gone in earlier and got started three months ago.  Anyway,  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Three weeks will have to be enough at this stage.  It’s $85 for the initial acupuncture treatment and then $70 each weekly treatment thereafter with treatments immediately before and after my egg transfer.


5 Responses to "Going to Try Chinese Medicine"

Wow, I’m so impressed by decisive people. I’ve been umming and ahhing about CHM for so long. I tried it once before and just found it incredibly expensive, but I have been meaning to try just acupuncture on its own. Can’t wait to hear how your appt goes. If you don’t hit it off with this crowd, I have heard good things about Fertile Ground in East Melbourne.

OMG Brooke stole the baby… I never saw that coming!!?

i just wanted to say that I did try accupuncture and it was wonderful. I did get pg although I lost it at 10w4d due to Turner Syndrome. I moved on to adoption after 3 IVF cycles. And I am over a year into the process and just found (BIG Suprise) that I am pg naturally!!! I still keep thinking this is just a joke!!! But, after I get throught the first trimester I may actually begin to believe it.

Good Luck!!!

Hi, I’m in Vic too 😀

I did Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs on my break between Clomid and starting IVF. If anything it was relaxing. I’m heading for my 6th transfer and thought I would try something new – back to acupuncture for my first time with IVF. They said a session the night before and night of transfer increases your chances by 50% and weekly sessions over a period of time increase it by 80%. Just to try something new renews a little bit of hope, for me anyway 🙂

OMG Brenda!! Wow, congratulations! You have inspired many of us. Best of luck with your pregnancy.

I go weekly to acupuncture as well. It is relaxing.

I had 2 sessions today – before & after transfer. Fingers crossed.

It doesn’t really hurt, you have nothing to lose.,


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