A Taste of IVF Over 40

IVF Acupuncture Was Easy

Posted on: Thursday, April 24, 2008

She started off by looking at my tongue.  Said I was low on energy, stressed and had a digestive problem. 

It was quick, easy and painless.  I didn’t have to undress.  I wore a tracksuit and she put needles into my tummy, ankles, ears, and forehead.  The ears and forehead are for reducing stress and the ankles are connected to my tummy (yes they are!).  Because I’m only about three weeks off the transfer date she said there was no need for Chinese herbs; just the acupuncture. 

My next session is booked for the morning of my scan on May 1st.  This is good timing so I can tell her what the doc says about how I’m lookin’ inside.


5 Responses to "IVF Acupuncture Was Easy"

So? Did you like it? I have done the acupuncture before and I loved it. Actually, when I went the one cycle I produced a lot of eggs. She did the tongue thing to me too. She did the needles to increase circulation to my uterus and ovaries…although I forget where those needles went. I hope you enjoyed it!

I am going to have to start taking better care of my cankles…

I can’t believe you got an appointment so quickly. If this cycle ends up a bust, I’ll join you.

Did I like it? Hmm. I hope I don’t sound stupid for saying that it was a lot like going to the doctor or dentist. You know, just go there, get it done and leave. I’m not sure what there is to like about it. What do people normally like about acupuncture? I didn’t dislike it; I guess I’ll say I loved it if I get pregnant though!

I did 7 sessions in total and it didn’t have any effect on my eggs, neither quantity or quality, but then I’ve read that eggs start forming up to 3 months ahead of ovulation so I would have had to start the sessions way ahead of the cycle, which I didn’t. I’m still hoping it improved the chances of implantation, but it remains to be seen (beta on Friday). A lot of people told me that they’ve heard it’s incredibly relaxing, but I’m not sure I would describe it that way. I see what you’re saying about going there, getting it done and leaving. I do think, however, that it did relieve some of my muscle tension and some nausea, and that was great. I’d go weekly for months and months if it wasn’t for the $80 per session and the long drive to get there. I’m glad I did it for this cycle, though. Sounds like our acupuncture experiences were quite alike. I hope it gives you some really good results in the end!!

How are you coping with the evil synarel? Best wishes for your scan tomorrow.

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