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Had First Scan and So Far So Good

Posted on: Thursday, May 1, 2008

I’m so excited!  The lining of my uterus is thin and my ovaries are quiet.  I start my 450iu of Gonal-F injections tomorrow.  This is going to be my month!  I’m feeling very optimistic but unlike last time I am avoiding the baby aisles in the department stores.  Not doing that to myself again … 

Now the fun news, I’m getting a kitten!  A Ragdoll kitten!  Yay, I’m so excited.  This will really help with my cluckiness, and with keeping me warm this winter.  It will also help to take my mind off the two week wait.  My husband wants to call her Tabatha.  We will have the careful task of introducing her to our Border Collie!

I’ve had an interesting week.  I’ve been to the dentist, the podiatrist and the acupuncturist!  I thought about getting my botox refreshed but I’m frightened it’s (potentially) too close to getting pregnant.  I don’t want to risk it.  Maybe I’ll treat myself to botox after this cycle if it doesn’t work.



8 Responses to "Had First Scan and So Far So Good"

I’e got a gorgeous little half Saimese that needs a good mommy.

And alittle black and white Tom named Hoodini Both from Cleo. My once farrel half Saimese kitty who I began feeding and brought inside after she got taken by the BIG black male who hangs around.

Wish I had her fertulity probs.

3 months later. I have two extra pets. They are cute tho. Especially at this age. 9 weeks now.

Sure you won’t take one? HAHA. I’ll pay for fixing and shipping! Really I’m kidding.

Glad to see your spirits up! Hope and HUGs to you

Hi MelbaGirl, found your URL on CycleSista, I’m 37 and am doing my IVF #3 this month also! I’ll read through your story, but for now, best of luck!

I was thinking of botox myself and wasn’t sure if it was OK during the BCP phase….I wish there was a long list of what you really needed to avoid and what doesn’t matter.

Love the name Tabatha, btw.

I have a ragdoll kitty, her name is Little Betty and she’s the light of our lives. Good choice. Good luck with your cycle, mine’s at the end of this month too.

Awesome news about starting the stims tomorrow. I always feel somewhat better (my bar is low by now) when I can at least start the process, you know? Like I’m doing something instead of just waiting, which makes me want to kick things. Hard. I’m psyched you’re starting! I feel good for you this month. Also, kittens are ALWAYS a good idea, in my book. 🙂 We’re in our 2ww now (again). I think I’ll go and snorgle our cats now…. last year we got 2 kittens. Big fatties now, but still hilarious. Sending good vibes your way!

Oh, wow! I love kittens, I love cats, I love ragdolls and I ADORE the name Tabatha. Oh, and I love border collies too. How lucky you are! Please post a pic….
So glad you are feeling positive – I am too. May is going to be a fabulous month! But I would definitely hold off on the Botox for now.

Firstly, All the best in this cycle. I’ll be following.

Secondly, how bizarre, we’re getting a Ragdoll too and we also have to introduce her to our border collie! I think we’re going to call her Daisy. We’ve booked her but have only seen photos so fat, I’m going to see her tomorrow!! My collie is seven, he’s a big gentle beast but I think he’ll be a bit freaked by an enegetic kitten.
What colour/pattern are you getting.
I totally see how that’ll take your mind off the two week wait. I must say I haven’t been so excited about anything for a while now.

Oooh! A ragdoll! They are the biggest furry faced sweetie pies! I have a little girl, Gigi, who is a ragdoll (light like a blue point) and she is SUCH a love.

I got my two little fur faces after my 3rd IVF failure. They are good to squeeze when I get my baby pangs.

Wishing you best of luck with your cycle!

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