A Taste of IVF Over 40

Three Days Until My Follicle Count

Posted on: Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Synarel nasal spray is being particularly easy on me; I’ve had no headaches at all.  The 450 iu Gonal-F injections are pretty uneventful.  Argh.  Does this mean that they’re not working?  Well … thoughts like that do run through my mind! 

I am bracing myself for the bad news.  Yeah, I know it’s not very good positive-thinking but it’s called self-defence.

I’ll pick up my new kitten in a coupla days!  Yay!  Then I’ll stick up a photo of my Border Collie (William) and my Ragdoll (Tabatha)!  William is 7 years old and Tabatha is a 15 week old seal-point.  Oh, it is going to feel good to play with a little one of my own and hold it in my arms, even if it’s just a cat.


4 Responses to "Three Days Until My Follicle Count"

Great news on the your upcoming follie count. Waiting for this stuff ( procedures_ is agonizing I bet. As fas as the pets, the are like my children. Without hubby here last night , kids are acting funny so he left a message for the dogs so they could hear his voice. Cute!

Oh and as far as having no symptoms, doesn’t mean it isn’t working. I had maddening symptoms with the progesterone at first. Now it simply helps me feel better an d apparently is working as my luteal phase is longer and NO PMS at all other than sore boobies. YAY!

Glad all is going well with you too!

I wish you well. I did a fresh ET on Saturday and turned 42 on Sunday. I’m now in the 2ww. I did my first IVF about 3 years ago and now have a gorgeous 2 year old girl (born shortly after my 40th birthday). I got pregnant with the fresh transfer but m/c. My daughter is from a FET. This is my second IVF and it is nothing like the first. The first I had 12 follicles with 11 eggs and 7 embryos. This time only 4 follicles — but 4 eggs and all 4 fertilized. 2 transferred and I hope to find out tomorrow if they froze any. I worried every step of the way through this cycle that things would fail at every step — until I got to the ET — now I feel as though I’ve done everything I can. I’m trying not to analyze every twitch and twinge of my body now. What will be will be. This is my last try. Good luck to you!

I hope you’re well and the follie count went to plan. Have you picked up Tabatha yet – how exciting for you to get a new fur baby!

Earlier in the week is better for me for lunch if you’re still interested. My email is ozehome at bigpond dot net dot au.

Take care

Hope everything is going well xo

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