A Taste of IVF Over 40

Follicle Count is In

Posted on: Monday, May 12, 2008

OK I now know why I don’t have any symptoms.  My follicles, even though I have been on 450 iu of Gonal-F for several days, are only very small.  I have to take the injections for a few more days.  I’ll have another scan on Tuesday.  The good news is that I have 10 follicles forming.  That’s better than the six follicles last time.  Let’s hope they stay put.

The best news is that I have my kitten!  Her name is Tabatha.  She is gorgeous.  She is making me feel better.0——————————-p. 8888888888888888888888888u/999999999990000000009.  He he, Tabatha just walked across my keyboard.


4 Responses to "Follicle Count is In"

!0 follies. GREAT! Hope they grow nice and plump i the next few days.

Oh yes, kitten. Smiles. I have two romping thru the house as I write this. Mommy Cleo got out yesterday morn and refused to come home until this morning. But she has an appointment with the VET this week. I’ll FIX her. I mean really! She is definitely getting spayed this week.

You’ll have to post about how William and Tabitha get along! I know my cats just LOVE our Border Collie. One of them follows him around like a little shadow and cuddles with him whenever possible. The Border Collie mostly indulges him. Mostly…

I was a slow starter with my follicles too. I only had a few early on and they weren’t growing, but eventually I had around 20. I think I had to stim for 14 days.

Ten follies is really good. I’m in the slow starter club too. Took a while to get things going last time, but eventually they got moving. But ten! Wow. I’ve never had 10! You should get something good out of this. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Have fun w/Tabatha!

I just had my ultra sound. Tech said 8-10 follicles so far. I am on 500 mg follism for 4 days and will start other meds on sunday. I am 43 and my RE told me I will need to be superstimulated since I have low ovarian reserve. My Hubby also has low sperm/twitching sperm in addition. I am scared and nervous about my first IVF. Are the number of folicles normal at this stage? Any older women out there with IVF success stories to help inspire me. There are so many negative IVF posts. I need some positivity 🙂

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