A Taste of IVF Over 40

Egg Pickup This Weekend

Posted on: Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today’s scan revealed I have eight mature follicles and four little ones.  I will have my eggs collected this weekend.  I checked and the same sperm donor we used last time is still available so we’ll be using him again (a real-life angel). 

I thought I’d write down what my current views are on the following:

Acupuncture and IVF: Well, you know I haven’t done a full course of acupuncture; I only started three weeks ago.  However, so far so good.  My follicle count has improved – would you believe it is actually higher than when I first did IVF in my early 30’s.  However, one could remain sceptical when one takes a look at how well(?) my digestive system has been behaving since receiving acupuncture.  My digestive system has been behaving very *interestingly*, and my appetite has completely disappeared.  Great if I was trying to lose weight but, according to my acupuncturist, very, very bad if you are trying to have lots of energy for growing healthy eggs.  Also, I have no IVF whore-moane symptoms.  No bloating and not a single cramp, pain or headache … Is this the acupuncture?

Three Month Break with Birth Control Pill:  This caused me such angst.  I was ever so worried that my last few fertile months are being filled with wasted time, by going on the pill for almost a month.  However, this could well be an attributor to the above positive outcome with the follicle count.  Although one must remember that this is precisely what I did last time when I only got six follicles.  I think next time I will actually be a lot calmer about taking the BCP.

Limit of Two Embryos Transferred for Over 40’s: This stinks.  In Australia, the story is that you can only have two embryos transferred.  Full stop.  This is a good policy to save having triplets.  But really.  What are my chances of triplets?  I’m using my own 40 year-old eggs!!  My IVF doctor disagrees; he thinks that it is possible I could become pregnant with triplets using my own eggs.  Well, we both have our own opinions.  We can agree to disagree and then we’ll do what he says we are going to do :-).  Regardless, I think it’s out of his hands.

Introducing new Kittens to 7-year-old Border Collies:  What a catastrophe.  William is soooo jealous.  Tabatha just wants to be friends but he hates her.  He pretends to like her but he snapped at her last night.  BAD DOG!  Oh well, it is still early days.  My opinion?  Get them both together when they are babies!  Cutie-pie photos coming soon!


6 Responses to "Egg Pickup This Weekend"

GREAT NEWS on eggs! WOW, since your last post!

“Limit of Two Embryos Transferred for Over 40’s”

Wise I think. Remember we are are using or 40 (pls in my case) year old bodies too. My niece had triplets. She had such a hard time tho she was young and sturdy. Baby making build. Strong, tall! She was huge!

Personally Don’t think it’s worth the risk.

I WANT one healthy baby! One healthy baby! ( sighs) Hubby teases me about twins. OMG, I can’t even imagine!

I remember when nurse told me of the increased chance of multiples at my age Well then 45 . She said “you are dropping eggs all over the place.” I was just flabbergasted I was like NOOOOOOOOO WAY! . ” Who me?” Eggs? I still find it hard to believe! Wouldn’t believe any of it if I didn’t know better.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hoping you are successful this cycle. Congrats.! Keep me updated!

Eight is great!! I am so glad to hear that everything is progressing so well for you.

It sounds like you’re having the same effect from BCPs and acupuncture that I had – looks better than the last time! Great! 🙂 I’m sure you’re going to get as many mature eggs as is predicted, but just to put in a cautious word, the number of mature eggs didn’t really change between my two cycles, even though it looked way better for the second cycle. I don’t understand why that was. Nonetheless, I think you’re on a really good track here and you’re definitely not me. Yeah, you probably don’t want more than 2 embryos transferred. I was actually shocked when I saw the statistics at how many women around 40 get triplets (or more) at my clinic (22.7% of pregnancies by women 38-40, a number sky high above the other age groups), and the photos on the walls show it. :-O

Acupuncture is great. I’m glad you are seeing the results. I wouldn’t transfer more than 2 myself over the age of 40 (I’m 41, transfered 2, 1 took and split, pregnancy lost). You can play the statistics game all you want, but even the stats are really low, like it was 0.4% for me, it’s still 100% when it happens to you. Don’t get caught up in the negativity of statistics over the age of 40!

Good luck on the retrieval…the weekend is almost here!!!

We had better luck with our Border Collie and our cats because the cats were here first… And when we got the cats we had an Australian Shepherd at the time – so the cats grew up around a dog. Good times ahead with William and Tabitha! Border Collies adjust pretty well.

I hope everything goes well for you!

My best friend had triplets at 40 – w/out acupuncture – three fertilized eggs went in and three came out!

I too have been seeing an acupuncturist… and I’ve had fantastic results. I’m 44 and just had 13 eggs retrieved, 9 were viable and 6 transfered. Isn’t that number mind boggling?

Now it’s a waiting game…

Baby dust to all giving their hearts and souls!

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