A Taste of IVF Over 40

Still Not Pregnant

Posted on: Friday, May 30, 2008

Negative HPTsOh Well.  Can you blame me?  I can’t help but want to know.  I am behaving strangely and I don’t care.  I stayed in bed for an extra hour and a half this morning just because I didn’t want to test.  It was another negative.  These Pregnow tests are really cheap ($1 each) and test 10mIU/ml of HCG.  My blood test is Monday.

Unless my doctor advises against it, I will be stimulating again as soon as possible.  I don’t have the luxury of time.  In my current frame of mind every month is ‘wasted time’.  Sick I know.  I’ve gotta get out of the doldrums and live my life.  Especially for my husband, bless him.  I think he feels like he’s married to a cardboard box lately (or should I say an empty carton of eggs!  Ha ha – I thought that was funny but no-one else is supposed to laugh).

Plan B: In Australia, we don’t have an egg donor program; you have to find your own egg donor.  My sister mentioned that her 22 year-old daughter may donate eggs to me and that I should consider asking her.  Blimey.  That’s one hell of a Plan B.


6 Responses to "Still Not Pregnant"

So sorry not a BFP. Have you tried a different test? I wouldn’t rely on the internet cheapies, I was showing very positive only 10 dpo on discover one step (I consider to be the best pregnancy test on the market) and elevit tests but the pregnow didn’t show a positive until I was 14 dpo (and even then it was very faint). Unfortunately in my case it was an ectopic (my second in 6 months). I am now about to embark on the IVF journey which I am starting on the 7th of June. I am also about to turn 42 so feeling very apprehensive after reading all the doom and gloom stats for older women. It has been a real insight reading your journey through the IVF process, puts it all into a realistic perspective. I am prepared for the physical side but not sure about the emotional side. Wishing you all the luck in the world.

Fertility Friend says average for positive test ( using a high end brand) is about 13dpo. I have absolutely no faith in cheapies. Although I have been known to pick them up from time to time. Like at the dollar store.

My phamasist (spelling?) says that the digital one the reads Pregnant or Not Pregnant are the best. I forgot the name of it. But they expensive, for indiscriminate testing. LOL. Lots of sticks there hun.

Personally try not to put myself thu that But sometimes we can’t help ourselves, can we?

How do you feel otherwise? Any other signs?

I can understand how devastated you feel. I have had 3 fresh IVF and a number of FETs myself. Am waiting for OPU next week for the 4th IVF attempt!
I actually had 1 pregnancy which lasted about 9 weeks, then 2 chemical pregnancies. From my experience I find the more puregon I use the worse egg/embryo quality I got. It could have been other things but when my dr increased the dose, I got more eggs collected but didn’t get close to falling pregant once.
For the next cycle, I asked her to reduce the dose to the original dose and though I didn’t get pregnant, I got a chemical pregnancy – a bit closer?!?
The more information you get the more you realise you don’t know enough!
Anyway, best of luck with your next cycle!…and keep us in touch with how you go.

I’m so sorry you haven’t reached the elusive BFP yet. I do understand what you mean about “wasted month”, I feel exactly the same way. I’m currently on IVF #2 waiting on Beta results. If it’s a negative I want to go again right away.

Best of luck!

Hi there,
I’m 40 in NY and in the same boat: day 3 of 2WW on my 4th IVF (2nd FET). First thing they tell us here though, is to not do any kind of home pregnancy test. The levels we have are way off, either due to the hormones we are taking or simply because we test very soon, so don’t drive yourself crazy and wait until you get your betas from the clinic… I know, easier said that done ;).
Best of luck though, and I’m with you with the re-attacking the whole process if this one doesn’t work, as soon as possible. Sticky thoughts!!

I’m sorry but Australia does have an egg donor program!

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