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Clomiphene.  That’s my new protocol. 

The trouble is that I’ve heard a few horror stories about what it’s like to be on clomid.  Well, I’m gonna find out myself now, and between you and me, I’m a bit excited.  Another tactic.  Another chance to produce better eggs. 

I start the clomid three days after my next period begins.  I’ll know more once I’ve spoken to the nurses on day one.  And believe me, I’ll be getting as much information about this new protocol as I can from them so I can type it here.

It feels like I have new hope.


I never wanted to create a new category on this blog but I have … “Attempt 5”. 

Well, it could be short lived.  I’ve got an appointment with my IVF doctor on the 24th June and he could tell me that it’s all a waste of time now.  Hmmm.  What to do.  I would like to commit to another year of trying with my own eggs.  Then, we’ll investigate egg donation.  Wish me luck!

Given my lack of success, what questions do you think I should be asking him?