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Gearing Up to Start Again

Posted on: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I never wanted to create a new category on this blog but I have … “Attempt 5”. 

Well, it could be short lived.  I’ve got an appointment with my IVF doctor on the 24th June and he could tell me that it’s all a waste of time now.  Hmmm.  What to do.  I would like to commit to another year of trying with my own eggs.  Then, we’ll investigate egg donation.  Wish me luck!

Given my lack of success, what questions do you think I should be asking him?


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I’m sorry about your last unsuccessful attempt. I’m now at the end of my 4th IVF attempt as well – tomorrow is my blood test day. I haven’t POAS yet!
I’m afraid I don’t have much to offer you as I’m sure you have spent a lot of time doing research on IVF already. I can only offer my experience in that I find for the cycles that resulted in chemical pregnancy my embryo quality was very good but unfor. my lining wasn’t great.
I’m not sure what is the best way you increase your egg quality or your lining except for lots of walking prior to pickup/transfer & have a good healthy diet.
Also for me the dose of stimulation (puregon) also affect my egg quality though the quantity actually increased. Did you have any information about the grade they gave your embryo? According to my dr, grade 1 &2 are almost equivalent.

Regarding questions for your dr, maybe get him to start you on a flare cycle so you can bypass the down-reg month.

Good luck with your appointment.

Don’t give up. Never give up. You are an inspiration and one day your dreams will come true. take care.


I want to commend you for your positive attitude and sharing this with others, as it really helps me understand that we are not alone. You are doing a great service to the world. We are in the US. My wife just went through her first IVF and the first HCG test was negative. She got a score of 6.7, when a 10 is a positive pregnancy. It is so hard, we didn’t know how to react. We flex all the way across the world to Taiwan to do this, because its more affordable. The doctor said if its over 5 HCG, they will do a retest. My wife does have some positive sypmtoms, ie dark nipples, frequent urination, cramps in abdomen. Any comments would be appreciated.



In Taiwan, there is a Doctor that has consulted with various countries and have determined that diet and exercise is important throughout the whole process. Sorry of this is already old info, but its new to me and my wife. My wife’s blood test indicates that she has high levels of insulin, due to genetics and diet. This somehow sends messages to her brain and results in high levels of male hormones. Higher levels of male hormones in the body decreases the chances of an embryo from successfully implanting. So the proposed solution is to cut back on sweets and fried foods, and increase exercise to decrease your insulin levels, and thereby decreasing her levels of male hormones. There has been success in this clinic, but my wife is still waiting for her news. Comments are welcomed. Knightd9

Hi there – I am thinking great thoughts for you. I know first hand how tough this can be. If you would like to learn more about egg donation please feel free to follow the links or go here: http://parentsviaeggdonation.org We will answer any question you may have.

PS – I’d like to email you some questions for you to ask your doctor, email me off line and I’d be happy to help you in any way I can.

Knightd9, tell your wife to persevere. It can be hard at times but things will just be right on one of those days and she will get the BFP. I had experience with a low HCG before and in my opinion it was a pregnancy but it just failed very early. Just concentrate on getting fit and eating healthy for the next cycle if she needs to come back. Hopefully it’s a late implantation for her and her HCG will double at the retest.

Knightd9, there are just so many different symptoms that different women experience, and at different times. I would recommend that you read as much information as you can from reputable sources. Dr Licciardi’s blog (left) can be good as he sometimes answers specific patient questions (although it sounds like your doctor has explained a lot to you). The individual blogs of IVF patients are great because they make you realise that every single person has their own issues – everyone’s different from everyone else and each person’s individual cycles are different. All I can say is that every stage of IVF treatment is difficult and everyone who experiences it will be changed for life. However, we are priveleged to have the treatment available to us, are we not? Stay positive and informed.

Hey there – good to see a post from you – I’ve been wondering how you have been doing.

My two cents worth of assvice – as the Americans so nicely put it – is swap clinics – go to a new IVF unit. I have seen it time and time again a new clinic has a new take – a new approach – you shouldn’t have to feel you are having to come up with the answers – they are the people being paid buckets of money.

But if that is not possible – I would ask him – if he would think about increasing the dosage of the trigger shot. My IVF doctor in Sydney said if he did another cycle with me (I have since decided to do donor eggs with my sister in Melb) – he felt that as we only got one egg from four follicles – the trigger shot was not large enough – the eggs had not ‘ripened’.

You didn’t say what happened to your other 9 follicles – were they empty or eggs cracked?

And I agree with new hope – ditch the long down reg – go flare or I would even be asking for antogonist – where you start off on the FSH on day two – and then start taking lucrin on day 6.

I know you are in Melb – but Mark Livingstone from Sydney IVF is truly fab (even tho I am not pregnant) – it could be worth the $99 Virgin blue trip up to have a chat with him.

Sorry – if I am sounding like Miss Bossy Boots – but as someone who had little choice to go to donor eggs – it seems you have a good 12 months left in you – DON’T WASTE IT.

Good luck my dear.

Tell you what – I’m 42 and 6 months right now and we’re going to go for it at least through this year before moving on to different options if we have to. Remember that everybody is different and every answer is both right and wrong. The fact that you’re asking these types of questions looks to me like you’ve got some more tries in you before you move on to something else. I agree with the commenters who said get another opinion from someone who’s over-40 friendly. I also agree that an antagonist cycle might be a good option for you, but you’ll have to hash that out with an RE. Since the RE was unresponsive to you not doing the BCP last time, you may be better off with someone who’s a little more willing to try different things. Obviously this last protocol didn’t work for you – tell them you want to try something different. If the RE just throws the “old eggs” line at you, at the very least get a second opinion. I’ve found that even though RE’s like to say that “medical science really doesn’t know that much about fertility issues yet”, they certainly don’t let that idea get in the way of them thinking they’re all-knowing when making their decisions. Some of them just get fixated on one way to do things and won’t budge. Ask questions and change RE’s until YOU are satisfied with where you’re at and where you’re going.

Will stop with the verbal diarrhea now. I’m wishing you all the very best.

Well, my wife got her second blood test for HCG and it declined, from 6.7 to 3.06. The doctor said she will not be pregnant. My only question is that based on the internet info., seems life most people get a blood test 14 days after the embryo transfer. Is there any hope left, as this is only day 12 after the embryo transfer. This is our first shot at IVF, very hard for my wife. The blogs here are so encouraging, where do you guys find the emotional strength to continue trying after the first and second attempts? Comments are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Knightd9, often HCG levels increase to a ‘pregnant’ level later than 14 days (and sometimes even further down the track than that) but not if they have already declined. I am very sad to say that there may not be any hope. Your wife will known when she is ready for a second attempt – it’s very draining and I have felt differently after each cycle. The comments on my blog give me a lot of strentgh but my husband gives me the most – by allowing me to grieve, and being ever so sweet 🙂

Welcome back you……I was hoping we would hear your voice again.
I am now on the two week wait but it was a disaterous month. 5 eggs that were going to be kept until blast ( although my doctor did not share this with me so when I rang re tranfer you can imagine my heart racing shock that it was not going to be done in two days _ I was so confused thinking all had died) BUT then I got a call at work on day2 post opu to drop everything and come in and have a transfer. I was shocked and confused and lost with out my husband by my side not to mentioned having to get out of work so bluntly and drive like mad in traffic. Not ideal. My doctor was so difficult & non fussed as he told me that four had not made it, one was 4 cell so they thought that they would transfer it now! I left the tranfer room with out asking if it was a good or poor quality one because I was scared that it was bad and I thought that If I asked I would burst out crying.Well I did but not until I got to the nurses!
I have had no feelings of hope at all this month after that and feel very sad. I too have thought that donation maybe the way….but I don’t know any one at all. My sister is of a perfect age and has three kids but she has stopped talking to me because she does not want to donate to us(Even though I have not asked her!)….she was never going to be ideal as she is quite a nasty natured person anyway. BUT it is sad and she does not have to add to our grief any more than she has and she has also sadend all the extended family too. Each to there own I guess. Anyway I don’t realy know where to start to find a donor..something about having to get goverment permission to advertise in Victoria-Anyone know? For now we have to wait until the blood test next thursday..but my chinese medicine doctor said she could not feel the pregnancy pulse yet but fingers crossed. Best wishes and all, my hopes for sucess for every one out there 🙂

knightd9, I’m sorry but speaking from two experiences with positive but declining hcg results , I think your wife may have had a chemical/biological pregnancy. There is a lot of info on the internet on this type of pregnancy.

I’m also getting my treating from Melbourne IVF and there have been times I was impatient with my doctor. I think even the docs don’t know everything – esp in the area of implantation. After several failed attempts with a miscarriage thrown in, my dr even suggested that it could be the egg quality, then it may be the sperms,etc. The great thing about her is she always has a positive attitude and that helped me to cope with one failed attempt after another.
All I can offer is go with your gut feelings and keep persevere.

I agree it’s good to hear from you again. I would definitely be discussing all available protocols your clinic offers and examining the ones you haven’t tried. I wish I had more advice to offer on this situation. In anticipation of your appointment, Imogen 🙂

I’m sorry for the negative, but keep trying. I will be 40 in a couple of months and have decided to move onto donor eggs now after only 2 failed IVFs with my own eggs. For me DE is the right decision, but I encourage you to keep trying. My cousin was 43 when she got pregnant and gave birth at age 44 to a baby girl. It can happen! Best wishes.

Sorry your last cycle was negative. This IVF caper is so difficult isn’t it? I just wanted to wish you luck for your Appt tomorrow. I am in the same boat as you, so have no words of wisdom. But I’d definitely follow Imogen’s advice and explore all protocols. Maybe ask about DHEA or using extra Pregnyl to improve egg quality? Good luck, I’ll be thinking of you.

I know it sounds like a lot – 5 IVF cycles – but they do add up so quickly.

My third attempt failed this week – it was my first embryo transfer and therefore first 2ww. It is so hard facing the whole idea of starting all over again, another cycle, another round of appointments, another protocol, but that is just how this whole thing operates. We have to go back, start again if we want a chance at success.

I wish you all the best for your new cycle.

did transfer eight days ago.Will surely like some support because my Hcg blood test is on Monday. Wish me luck

Good luck on your journey. I had a baby at 43 with a donor sperm. I had great success after accupuncture treatments. It even improved the quality of my eggs. Did you try that? After the accupuncture I have had amazing success. had a beautiful baby boy and am about to try for his brother or sister.

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