A Taste of IVF Over 40


Posted on: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clomiphene.  That’s my new protocol. 

The trouble is that I’ve heard a few horror stories about what it’s like to be on clomid.  Well, I’m gonna find out myself now, and between you and me, I’m a bit excited.  Another tactic.  Another chance to produce better eggs. 

I start the clomid three days after my next period begins.  I’ll know more once I’ve spoken to the nurses on day one.  And believe me, I’ll be getting as much information about this new protocol as I can from them so I can type it here.

It feels like I have new hope.


5 Responses to "Clomid"

There’s nothing like a brand new sparkly plan to rekindle the passion! I’m so glad you’re excited and I hope with all my heart it works for you! I’m on your old protocol now – wasting a month on the pill. ho hum…

I hope all’s well in the zoo and your fur babies are getting used to eachother.

Oooh! Exciting! Something new. Worth trying. I had an okay cycle on clomid, and some RE’s get really good response with it with us “of a certain age” gals. Good luck with this! Only useful thing about clomid I can offer is that the side effects were kind of unexpected for me. I never had the bad mood swings that some folks have on it, and that’s good, but boy-howdy did I get hot flashes at night about two weeks AFTER I stopped taking it. OMG talk about hot. I think my husband damned near fell out of the bed trying to get away from me I was so hot. Hot and sweaty. Went on for about 1.5 to 2 weeks, then went away. Not too bad to put up with, just had to change the sheets a lot. The other thing that happened that was very bizarre was (and I know this is TMI but I’m throwing it out there anyway in case you have it happen so you don’t freak out) that it caused some discharge from my nipples. Just a little bit, but definitely a couple of drops every day. It was clearish, and my doctor said nothing to worry about. It also cleared right up after I got another period. It was a very weird though because I didn’t know that could be a side effect. So, there ya go! Way too much information, but I always like to know what’s potentially out there. Hate surprises with this IVF gig. Best to you!

I am glad you are feeling hopeful once again. It is hard. I started to bleed today the day before my blood test…I just feel numb it was such a horrible cycle…god knows whats next for me.. I am scared that they will tell me there is not much hope left. I did however get my best results yet last cycle with Clomid..two embies survived to be transfered but I got a chem preg but still it was my best, and I would try it again given the chance. You have delivered more eggs then me even on your other cycles…so fingers crossed. I will ring melb ivf in the morning to tell them that I will get the blood test done near work and that I also have my period and see what they say next ?>?????? Scary sad stuff but at least a start of a new cycle brings new hope!!PS i had no side effects from clomid..and have taken it on its own years ago too with out any too..but then I don’t seem to react to the drugs much at all being on 450gonal f injections each day without much movement in the ovary stations! Fingers crossed for you, its exciting.

I’ve done Clomid and I loved it! No side effects but a ton of energy. I think I was unusual but it isn’t always bad. I think different protocol could mean different outcome and that has got to be good.

I’m starting IVF #4 now. With a very strange protocol, I’m just hoping that it also equals different outcome.

How is the kitten and the collie relationship going? I got my ragdoll about a month ago and she is adorable! My 7yo border collie doesn’t really know what to make of her!

I’ve only used Clomid as a stand alone ovulation induction drug but I have heard great things about adding it into an IVF cycle. Wishing you the same luck! The worst side effect for me would have been hot flushes – uncomfortable but manageable.

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