A Taste of IVF Over 40

Day 3: Clomid Starts

Posted on: Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well, I just took my first dose of clomiphene.  Two tablets each 50mg.  I start the Gonal-F injections tomorrow – only 300 iu this time.

My cat and dog are getting along very well nowadays.  The kitten loves the dog and often wants to play with him.  She runs up and flings her body into the air in front of him … sooo cute.  The Border Collie isn’t so much into the cat but he has looked like he wanted to play with her a couple of times.  Time will tell. 

I’m so very glad I got the kitten.  She has been such good comfort and company during some tough times.  Mind you – I wish she was more prompt at cleaning her butt after she goes in her kitty litter!  I hope she gets better at that as she gets older!

On another note.  The clinic rang to say that they’ve run out of the sperm I was using and they can’t track down the donor so we’ll have to choose another one.  Today they said a selection is in the mail to me (deja vu) so I have only a matter of an hour in which to read them and choose a sperm donor.  This is because they need to have a donor confirmed tomorrow – before they’ll start me on the cycle.  Wish they’d had this planned a little earlier!  It’s been a week since I saw the doctor.

Well, that envelope better arrive.  If I don’t have a choice made tomorrow they’ll have to cancel the cycle.  That is so not going to happen.  I’ll drive into the city and collect the profiles myself if it will help.


I’m so excited!  I could be pregnant in four weeks! Yay!


9 Responses to "Day 3: Clomid Starts"

Geez how inconvenient. Hope you have a good selection to choose from and don’t get whacked with another Donor Fee.

Good luck with your choice.

I was disappointed when I had to make mine that there wasn’t more information.

Fingers crossed for this cycle.

They ran out of sperm and didn’t think to let you know? That’s weird. Hope it has all worked out by now.

I’m so glad the kitten and the collie are getting on better. I was worried sick about introducing the ragdoll to my pack but it has been very smooth. The kitten is cheeky and sleeps in the middle of the dogs’ beds, they don’t seem to mind. When she jumps at them and grabs their tails/legs they just ignore her. We’ve been lucky. I can just visualise her flinging her body in the air in front of the dog. Aren’t they cute!

Good luck with the selection process and this cycle. I hope in a few weeks you have fantastic news.

Hey there – thanks for your comment! I hope we both have good news in four weeks time or probably five weeks for me!

Good luck my dear.

Good luck with everything this cycle. I am on day 7 and my last day of clomid for this cycle… I am taking 100Mg a day and this is my second month of the drug.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

So glad your animals are getting on well together, they are great company and seem to know when we need some extra care don’t they.

I hope the clomid is not giving you any nasty side effects. Good luck with choosing a new donor.

lol about your kitten not licking her butt after going to her kitty litter…our kitten Charlie used to be like that, but he got over it in a few months.

any news? its bene 4 days! =)

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