A Taste of IVF Over 40


Posted on: Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It’s six days post my two day transfer and my home pregnancy test this morning showed not pregnant.  I don’t know what else to say.  Married for 11 years.  No baby. 

My attitude towards IVF has changed.  I have started to view it as a waste of money, for me.  Maybe I’m sick of the roller-coaster.  I still feel as though I have a lot of psychological energy left though.  I know what it’s like to turn your back on trying to fall pregnant (when I had the 11 week miscarriage from my first IVF) and I am not like that.

However, so many back to back cycles has left my body looking and feeling like an unfit 50 year old’s body – tired, lumpy and weak.  I want to be able to run again without feeling my ovaries bouncing around, or being worried that some little embryo will fall out!

I’m feeling sad today and sick of IVF.  It’s expensive and it doesn’t work.  Sniff.


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I’m sorry you’re feeling down today. Back to back cycles are incredibly difficult. It makes perfect sense for you to feel exhausted and sick of it all. But I’m glad to hear you’re not defeated. I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better. I wish there were other, easier, cheaper, readily available options to have a baby.

IVF is tough. That is the cold hard fact of the matter. Right now you are tired, and rightly so. For the time being all you can do is take good care of yourself. Try not to come to any big conclusions while you are in this IVF induced weakened state. In a little while you will feel better, stronger and more able to deal with IVF. You know you will. Sure it is a cliche, but give it time.

NB: Isn’t 6dpt2dt too early to take notice of a POAS result?

All of us who has gone through the IVF roller-coaster ride of hope and despair can understand exactly how you are feeling. I know that Melbourne IVF also offer a counselling service that you could use?
I also think it’s a bit early for you to POAS. In one of my cycles I tested at 7d and 8d past 2dt and got negative but the blood test at 14d showed a good positive.
Anything could happen from now to the beta.


So sorry your feeling down. I am 14dp2dt and I did my first test at 8dp2dt and got the faintest of lines on a very sensitive (and expensive) test. I was quite shocked as it is normally very early to get even a faint positive. You may just be too early, give it a couple more days. I am 42 so even though my test is positive I still have a long way to go. Wishing you all the best. Please feel free to send me an email if you would like to have a chat.

cheers, Ange

Hey there – keep your chin up my dear. It’s not over yet.

hugs to you! boo hoo! you are an amazing woman – to maintain such an undefeated attitude in the wake of so many let downs. attagirl! don’t give up unless you really feel you don’t want to do it.

Ok well no mushy talk from me. I am in the same boat, same age, same 11 week miscarriage years ago, married 12 years and one IVF less than you, two cats ,two dogs…AND nearing 41every day. I got my period two days ago with IVF 4. I just can not do it anymore. My eggs are crap( max 4 each pick up) and now my body is also crap, strong drugs certainly has done the damage. I agree…I can not fit in my clothes and I look like I am pregnat which is the last thing I want people to think. I am just waaiting for my period to finish and then I am going to make the appointment that I have been dreading. The yep I need some young eggs one. I have no family or friends to donate eggs so I am worried about what to do. I can tell my Doctor feels that it is hopeless and when I told him that it may have to be my last go he said he did not blame me???????!!!!!!!My chinese medine doctor says the opposite but to be hosest I have nearly used up all our savings and want to leave some left for what ever may come next? At the moment I can not even talk about the future I feel like I am in limbo land and even my crying has been stalled( some but not as much)…I am in shock I think? it’s sooo hard although I do wish you every sucess… you at least make me not feel alone….good luck ooxx

hi–just wanted to let you know that i feel for you and that perserverance can pay off. i will be 41 in september and i am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant. it was my 9th embryo transfer. i have had my eggs retreived 3 times, 4 miscarriages, and one
baby boy born in 2005 (embryo transfer #7). i almost gave up after my 5th transfer, but i made a conscious decision to live my life normally and just treat ivf as something else i just did on the side. i compartmentalized it and went on with my daily routines. i didn’t want to feel as though i was missing out on my life because i was so focused on ivf (i have been doing this since 2002). i would be upset naturally after a failed cycle or miscarriage , but i wouldn’t let myself dwell on it. i still don’t know if i will carry this pregnancy to term, i pray that i do. i want you to know you are not alone out there. i thought my doctor might discourage me from trying ivf again at age 40, but
she said this is the best shot you will have, so my eggs were retrieved again in may. hopefully we all have a few good ones left. god bless and best of luck to all the over 40 women out there who are going through similar
trials. i hope your baby dreams come true!

Hi everyone. It was helpful to read through the comments and feel like I am not alone. It is so difficult being a 43 year old and doing fertility treatments for the last two years. I have have had a myomectomy, 5 IUIs and 4 IVFs. Tonight, my husband and I just did a home pregnancy test (5 days after retrieval, day 8 after transfer – total of 13 days after retrieval) , and the result was negative.

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