A Taste of IVF Over 40


Posted on: Friday, July 25, 2008

Nah, I’m still not bloody pregnant! … and I’ve been testing each day 🙂

Although, I am very, very lucky.  I have a wonderful 23 year old niece who says she’ll donate me some eggs.  I am meeting with her in a couple of weeks.  I’ll let you know how the conversation goes – eek.  Such a special gift.  Would you believe I have only met this angel about four times in my entire life!  And only once since she’s been an adult!  It was my sister’s idea, and she asked her for me.  My niece did not even hesitate.  She does live on the other side of the country and so it will take some orchestrating. 

Have you read some of the comments I’ve been getting from other women over 40?  My heart goes out to them.  Each post brings someone new.  Ladies, please keep me informed of your progress.  A lot of their stories are on on my About Me page.

One thing I didn’t say earlier was that I have also made an appointment with another clinic.  Having a baby with my own eggs is my ultimate goal.  So I’m going to give it two or three more goes.  Until I turn 41 at least – and that’s only November!  The clinic is Sydney IVF.  Well, I didn’t say it at the time (because I was hoping and praying that this last cycle would work for me) but I made an appointment.  It’s for the 4th of September.  In the meantime I’m going to try and get my lumpy body back into shape.

So this is my strategy: 

  1. Talk to my niece and explain everything to her
  2. Talk to the new doctor and explain everything to him
  3. Have another couple of attempts with my own bludging, crappy eggs
  4. Use my niece’s delightfully fresh and fit eggs (as a last resort because please, dear God, I want my own eggs to work).

Edit: I later cancelled the appointment with the Sydney clinic.  I didn’t see what they could do differently for me.  After all, it’s not the clinic that is the problem … it’s my eggs!


9 Responses to "8dp2dt"

Well this certainly sounds like a plan!

Not that I am ready to concede defeat with your current cycle yet.

So where can I find a niece like that? Wow!

Does going to Sydney IVF involve interstate travel for you? Talk about commitment to the cause.

I look forward to hearing how it all progresses!

Best wishes!

You are incredibly lucky to have such a young donor ready to help, but I can understand your wish to use your own eggs.

I was going to say its a pity you have to wait so long to see the new Doctor, but it’s important to take a break and let your mind and body recover.

I wasn’t going to say that Day 8 is still awfully early to be testing…. but there you go its out there now.

Thinking of you.

What a beautiful gift your niece is offering is it does come to that 🙂

Hi there,

I am still holding out hope for you with this cycle.

I do think it is good you have got a plan b and plan c – and if it happens that you are not pregnant – I think Mark and Sydney IVF is a really good next step.

They are more expensive then Melbourne IVF (I sure you have checked) but there seems to be lots of good things that come with that. Mind you at the end of the day – it is a bun in the oven we really want.

Can I ask you – when you did your regular down reg cycle – did you continue to sniff or inject syranel/lucrin twice a day?? I fear the nurse at Melb IVF has got it wrong for my sister.

And on the donor eggs front – it can be organised from long distance – as you say it takes some organising… but it can be done.

Good luck my dear – don’t give up on this cycle just yet.

I read your “About Me’. What fabulous stories you are collecting. You’re becoming the guru of the over 40s!

Hope you’re feeling fabulous today!?

Great plan. Congrats on having a angel for a niece! She must think very highly of you to want to give you the gift of her eggs. It seems like it would be easier on the child to know that she was gentically connected in some way to you, than if you would use a non-related donor.

As for the doc, I’m a big beleiver in trying a different one if you aren’t having luck with the current one. I’m now going to a less prestigious one than my last, yet I am having a better cycle, I think it’s because they had me use human growth hormone. The quality of our embryos is higher than last time (9 mos ago). Maybe ask your doc if he’d be willing to write you a script for that!

Good Luck on things. I have been reading your blogs and I hope things work out real soon!!!

As for me… I am scheduled to beging my ist round of IVF this month. I am 37 and have been married for 9 years. I know that we will probably go several rounds of IVF before we actually conveive – but that is life.

I can only hope that we can be as strong as you and your husband.

Thanks for the blog!

I’m writing from the other side of the Atlantic, more precisely from sunny Portugal, where I work for the Portuguese Fertility Association. More and more women in their 40s have been turning to us for help and at this point we need to make them aware of the possibility of having to turn to donor eggs in order to have a baby. Unfortunately, this is still something very new here in Portugal, only regulated this year, and people are not open yet to the idea of using donor gametes. The situation that you described would be totally impossible here: a family member donating eggs. Also, women cannot be paid to donate eggs, which means without the help of somebody close, then the chances of finding a donor, who would do it out of the goodness of their own heart, is practically impossible.

You are very lucky to have someone offer such a precious gift. I know how much it means to conceive with your own eggs. I’ve been down that road and my son was the luck of the draw because the quality of my own eggs wasn’t that great, but motherhood is so much more than genes.

Wishing you all the luck in the world! Sending you some babydust from Portugal.

I’m sorry this cycle isn’t looking like the one. Really, really sorry. It all seems just a bit too hard at times, doesn’t it? I wish there was some certainty. Even if we had to go through this x amount of times and then we knew it would work, well that would be ok. It is the never knowing that is the problem, the never knowing but always wondering.
I think that is a beautiful thing your niece is doing for you. Really hope it isn’t necessary but what a fine safety net.

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