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Yes, we have had a bit of a mix-up.

My niece started her Synarel on Friday and I started mine on Monday.  The nurse wanted us to start today (Wednesday). 


Talk about poor communication!  This would simply have been a major catastrophe if we were further along in the cycle.

The good news is that being on Synarel for a few extra days does no harm.  This means that we officially start sniffing today.

The problem is that there is a 1.5 hour time difference between my niece and the clinic (made it difficult for the clinic to get a hold of her on a couple of occasions, my niece is still chasing some paperwork that they need returned (hence the delay in the sniff-start-date), my niece changed jobs and they didn’t have her correct mobile phone number, my niece’s mobile phone ran out of credit (that happens to young people), aaaaArgh!  Still, you would think that a veteran such as myself would have smelt something fishy …

BUT … all is goooood!

I’ve just gotta make sure we are all on the same page now – time to make a coupla phone calls.


OK.  This may be a bit premature but … Melbourne IVF’s lovely donor egg nurse just called me.  She is anticipating that all will be well with our psych Assessment Outcome on Thursday. 

All going well, she wants us to start the Synarel on Friday.

☼ Friday ☼

Oh boy.  Oh boy. Oh boy. 

I could be pregnant in a month or so.  AND I am in with a real chance!  Not my eggs; not my husband’s sperm.  But our own child.  I am so excited.

I have to go now and sit down with a cup of tea.

I’ve been waiting.  I am a “mother-in-waiting” (well, sort of!).

My niece just had a second appointment with the counsellor and an appointment with a psychiatrist (on the same day to accommodate her flights).  Additionally, my husband and I meet with the counsellor again tomorrow.

Then we wait on THE verdict … whether or not we are all “good to go”.  In other words, does Melbourne IVF, its doctors and counsellors, think the three of us are confident, comfortable, informed, rational, etc. and able to pull this off. 

I hope so.  I think so.  We find out for certain in just a few days.  I am apprehensive, yet quietly confident.

I understand the required amount of detail and the level of thoroughness.  Of course we need to make sure that in forty years’ time the three of us still feel that this decision was the right one.

I changed the style of my blog.  Instead of an olive green it is now a bright green!  In keeping with a brighter future for me I hope!

My period arrived!  Like, what a surprise!  Yay!

I read this clever post and started thinking about how I’ve been more in touch with God lately and well, it just happened!

Tra la-la la la ♪♪ ♫ ♪♪ ♫♫

Seriously, not on one single previous IVF attempt have I quite been this excited and happy to have a period.  Why?  Because there are THREE people hanging out for this one!  Me, my husband and my super-niece (or my super-nice niece he he).


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Yep, waiting.

I got all excited over the dates when I shouldn’t have.  Excellent news that my niece got her period so quickly.  Ridiculous news that mine STILL has not bothered to show.

Well, truth be known, I just plain overlooked the important fact that our cycles have to be synchronised.  Stupid me.  So, I am still waiting.

Sadly I had just finished my period when she got hers … darnit.  Ah well, all should be ‘synchronising’ along nicely in a couple of weeks or so.