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We Start Sniffing on Friday!

Posted on: Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OK.  This may be a bit premature but … Melbourne IVF’s lovely donor egg nurse just called me.  She is anticipating that all will be well with our psych Assessment Outcome on Thursday. 

All going well, she wants us to start the Synarel on Friday.

☼ Friday ☼

Oh boy.  Oh boy. Oh boy. 

I could be pregnant in a month or so.  AND I am in with a real chance!  Not my eggs; not my husband’s sperm.  But our own child.  I am so excited.

I have to go now and sit down with a cup of tea.


7 Responses to "We Start Sniffing on Friday!"

Sorry if this is too personal but are your meds covered by insurance? Synarel can be pricey and it just so happens….

Thank you Peeveme, I have some Synarel from a previous cycle, I’m very lucky.

We have the cost of all our meds included in our cycle fee. They offer you a new bottle even if you haven’t finished the last one … and sometimes my doctor accidentally prescribes meds twice, by accident and I have to tell the pharmacist not to give them to me. Funny.

And thankfully my insurance covers me … good question though because I’m pretty sure that I’m not so lucky when it comes to my niece.

This probably isn’t very clear is it?

Hi my dear – ooooo I am thrilled for you!! I am sure you will pass with flying colours.

We are both very lucky to have such generous family members.

I hope your niece does well with the drugs! My sis says the couple weeks after retrieval are the worst side of it… the come down with no progesterone.

I looking forward to hearing how it all goes.


Love the new blog! 3 days til your first sniff – woohoo! xo

I’m liking the fresh new look. It’ll match the fresh new cycle that sounds sooo promising. I really hope it all clicks into place.

I’m not surprised you are excited, its looking very promising indeed.

Good luck! How exciting! I’ll be thinking of you and sending lots of baby dust your way!

Coach Louise


Oooh oooh oooh – been thinking about you all weekend, girl! How did it go? Adding my good vibes to everyone else’s here. I’m just so excited for you! And your niece is still one of my favorite people!

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