A Taste of IVF Over 40

My Egg Donor Has Eight Follicles!

Posted on: Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eight (8) follicles – not 12, not 14, not 18.

  • Here is where we remind ourselves that it’s all about quality, not quantity.
  • Here is where we remember that these are 23 year old eggs; not 41 year old eggs.
  • Here is where we consider that there should be a high fertilisation rate.

Positive thinking … that’s all I’ve got. 

I accompanied my niece to her nurses visit at the clinic yesterday.  I felt so darn bad/mean/helpless/useless/sad when I saw the little bruises on her little belly from the nasty needles.  Really!  I felt like such a USER!  It is very humbling. 

I feel so sorry for Andi.  I don’t know what I’ll do if this doesn’t work out.  I feel SO sorry for Andi.  I’m not even ready to imagine what it would be like to be in her position.  The poor girl’s situation has really jolted me into reality and so I am trying to be positive.  Andi, you have my best wishes.

First I had to give up hope of falling pregnant ‘naturally’.  Then I had to give up hope of using my husband’s sperm.  Then, I (finally, after a pretty good fight) gave up the hope of using my own eggs.  If I am destined to discover that even my donor’s eggs haven’t worked … wow!  Ouch.  I don’t know if I am ready to go there. 

Positive thinking … that’s all I’ve got today. 

I am also hoping and praying for the Evil Stepmonster, who has had an incredibly hard and long journey. She will find out her results in a few short days.


8 Responses to "My Egg Donor Has Eight Follicles!"

Thanks for your thoughts honey! You’re welcome on my couch anytime! What’s your favourite timtam flavour? We’ll fly Andi down too.

You have all the self talk right, so try to stay positive. Your niece is so young that its not fair to compare cycle stats. And you are not using her, she has chosen to give you this amazing gift. I so hope it works for you.

I got to the point where I tried to ignore ALL follicle reports. There are either tons of follicles that don’t pan out, or too few and then you worry. Try to ignore them if you can. You can ask the doc just to give you a general report without any numbers, if you want.
The chances with DE are so good, but it’s hard not to decide that it will work the first or second time and then (if) it doesn’t it’s sooo disappointing. I got pregnant on my FIFTH DE cycle, and I spent a lot of time being pissed off that it took so long. Now that my baby is almost here, it doesn’t matter. It won’t for you, either. It’s so hard going through this but if you can hang in there – the chances are just really good that it will work.

Quality:) Keep focusing on that. We are cheering you on!!! I have seen 5 gorgeous blasts that have gone on to babies:):) xoxoo

You’ve got the right idea: quality, not quantity. Good luck! I’m cheering for you 🙂

Cheers. Eight is great. Eight is great 😀 As you know I triggered with 6 mature follies and got 11 mature eggs so you never know… All sounding very good 🙂

I’m sharing eggs with another woman (anonymously), so it’s interesting to have stumbled on your blog and see the IVF process from the other angle.

I wish you all the absolute best!

Dying to know how it’s all going! Has Niece had her pick up yet? If so, I hope she’s recovering well and lots of little embies are starting to grow.

Too early to count right now. At one pint my Dr said 10-12 and they got 16….and HALF of those turned into blasts.

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