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Nine Eggs and Getting Excited!

Posted on: Sunday, November 23, 2008

My donor had nine eggs retrieved.  How wonderful.  She was crying when I walked in to see her in recovery.  I instantly thought something was wrong when I saw her red eyes.  She went to great lengths to pacify me and convince me they were tears of joy.  I believed her after a couple of minutes – it is quite an ordeal.

She did such a great job.  Really.  She recovered really quickly and was in such a good mood in the car on the way home; saying how good she felt.

Then tragedy struck.  She got a phone call on the way home that one of her precious little dogs had died (her two dogs are like her children; she loves them so much).  A heavy table had fallen on this poor little dog in wild winds and crushed it.  It had to be taken to the vet to get put to sleep.  Well, I felt just awful.  Just awful.  You can imagine … the only reason her dogs were at her friend’s house was because she was in Melbourne with me for the week – donating her eggs.  My goodness.  What could be done?  Needless to say there were many, many tears.

I’ll get two embryos transferred tomorrow (two day transfer) and the rest will be frozen.  When I go in for the transfer I’ll be told what the fertility rate was.  Let’s see how the donor sperm likes my niece’s eggs!  I’m sure the little embryos will be sooo cute!

I’m going to do home pregnancy tests because there is no way I can wait until the blood test without some kind of indication.  My chance of pregnancy is high and my chance of twins is also high … eek!  (secretly hoping for happy healthy twins please God). 

I am in such a happy/anxious/grateful mood ☼ yay ☼


7 Responses to "Nine Eggs and Getting Excited!"

Hi my dear – sorry to hear about yr nieces dog – what a blow.

But great news about the magic number nine.

Did you guys rule out letting them go to blast – I know Melb IVF are much more happy with day 2? Fingers crossed you have lots of frozen ones too.

I hope your niece does okay – my sis says about 10 days after pick up – she has been hit with huge hormone drop and felt very blue both times.

Really hoping this is your time.

To be honest Andi, no-one at Melbourne IVF has ever offered anything beyond a two day transfer to me, or even discussed the possibility. I guess I am just accepting their protocol regarding this. I assume that they get the best implantation rates this way but of course, it is just an assumption. I’ll ask about it at my transfer to find out more.

If I had nine embryos – I would be pushing for at least a three day transfer – and that way they can be picking two really good eight cell compacting embryos. At day two – they all are pretty much the same and it is harder for them to pick the best of what is no doubt a very good lot.

When my sis was having her pick up – she heard a doctor telling the woman in the next bed – that Melb IVF is starting to lean towards a three day transfer.

And when i asked for day 3 – they didn’t kick up much fuss.

I would be ringing tomorrow morning and asking before you go in for transfer – but then again – that is just me.

Good luck my dear.

Hiya Melba:

I am soooooooo excited for you!

Tell your darling niece we all think see is beyond wonderful. My heart aches for her over the loss of her beloved doggie. She is tremendous!

So after a few scares, this is all looking really really good Melba! Good on you for your sticking power and strength!

I got your comment on my blog re donor eggs, but I am all for using DEs, and I would do it tomorrow, as I follow your thinking that this would be a way to save so much waiting and angst…thing is I have no donor on the horizon, despite joining the waiting list, enquiring overseas and all the rest….so yeah, I am all for it and so accordingly envy you – but in a nice way!!! I can’t wait to hear your fertilization rate…so I can be certain to expect a double transfer, eh?


Oh dear, the poor little puppy. What a terrible accident!

Congrats on the transfer today. I’m hoping the 2ww goes quickly for you, and the excitement continues for a long time yet!

Nine eggs is fantastic – congratulations! Wishing you a great fertilisation rate and 2 beautiful day 2 embies to transfer. I have found MIVF to slowly evolve over the past year or so. My FS is the one who pushed me to go to blast and even before that my MIVF Dandenong Satelitte cCinic Nurse suggested I try this next which indicates that it must be becoming a more common occurance? Sorry I am rambling now…

I am so sorry about the puppy 😦

I just read your post, so you have probably had the transfer by now! I am just so excited for you, and I can’t wait for the next update. My husband and I went to an adoption seminar this weekend and we have previously met with a DE counselor. We have had a long talk about our options. I think we are going try DE and will likely start the process next month! I have so much appreciated your blog. Thank you. Keep the postings coming 🙂

I hope your niece is doing well. What a wonderful person! I am very sorry to hear about her dog–terrible news.

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