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2WW: 5dp2dt

Posted on: Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still waiting, waiting, waiting.

HRT: I’m still taking Progynova tablets (3 x 2mg/day) and the Progesterone pessaries (2 x 400mg/day).  These progesterone pessaries are way cooler than the Crinone pessaries, and a lot stronger.  I wonder if it is the progesterone that is making my boobs tender.  I’ve never had tender boobs from the IVF hormones.  These pessaries are a little wax capsule.  The wax melts away after a few minutes leaving the progesterone behind.  I think the Progynova makes me nauseous but the nurse reckons it shouldn’t.  But it’s just a light nausea; not too bad.  I’ve had it on and off for the last two or three weeks.

HPT: Still waiting.  Oh.  I hate this.  Do you think I should do a home pregnancy test yet?  I’m pacing up and down.  I went to bed really early last night simply because I just can’t handle the ‘not-knowing’.  When I was a kid, my Mum always used to say, “The quicker you get to sleep the quicker Santa will come”.  I just want to sleep until my results come through.   I do this every time.  I hit this 2ww wall.  Actually, it’s not a wall.  Well, if it was a wall the two week wait would be a wall made of marshmallow.  And it’d be about two weeks’ thick. 

FROZEN EMBRYO: The best news is that the third (grade three) embryo made it to the freezer.  All hope is not dashed if this is not successful.


7 Responses to "2WW: 5dp2dt"

Hey there – noooooo not yet… I think you should try and wait a few more days – can you last until 8dp 2dt??

I think the sore boobs is a good sign – I had them first de cycle but not second – so I don’t think you can say it is just the progesterone!!

The progynova and the progesterone made me feel sick too – it got gradually worse – so maybe it is the build up in yr system.

I am really glad you have got a frozen one – tho I am remaining confident you will hit the jack pot this time!!


Thank you Andi. I need all the confidence I can get right now.

All is sounding good so far. But I can’t believe you prefer the pesseries!

I’m climbing the walls here too. Would it be ok if I came over and we locked ourselves away with armloads of dvds until say, wednesday?

Hard to say on that testing. Earliest I got a positive (very, very faint) was 9 days after retrieval, or 6dp3dt – so you’re close, depending upon which test you use. I used FRER. I think Andi is right though – a couple more days couldn’t hurt, if you can stand it. Better chance to see what’s going on then. Progesterone always makes my boobs hurt.

Really glad to hear you got a frosty – that’s good news.

Best –

I hope the rest of the 2WW flies by for you. I never begin testing until 10DPO/EPU. I really really really hope that this is finally it for you xoxo

Testing is a nightmare. When I have tested earlier and gotten positives I could not trust them. I hope you can find a way to get through it and that this is it for you. Hurray for the frozen one too – that takes the pressure off a little bit.

I found your blog on WordPress. I wish you all the very best.


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