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2WW: 8dp2dt It’s a Beautiful Day!!

Posted on: Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Faint Positive

My Faint Positive

OK You guys are the first to know. 

We did it.  We did it!  I haven’t even told my husband yet.  I’m having trouble letting it sink in.  I don’t know how I thought I’d react when I finally got a positive.  I need a cup of tea.  To be honest … the first thing that sprang to mind was U2 “It’s a Beautiful Day” and I don’t even know the lyrics … but I started singing it.

After so many years, I don’t know how to tell my husband.  I want it to be special.  We are going out to dinner tonight with a friend so it can’t be then.  I’d be very grateful for any ideas you may have.  He’s been so subdued about it all – all tough like it doesn’t really matter to him.  Well, we finally did it. 

To my dear friends here: thank you for your prayers, positive thoughts, positive energy, sticky vibes, etc.  They WORKED!!  I don’t know if you really understand how desperate I was.

I seriously only found out 10 minutes ago!  Holy Moly Batman.


26 Responses to "2WW: 8dp2dt It’s a Beautiful Day!!"

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I’m so excited for you. Still praying.

Congratulations! A friend of mine served dinner to her husband and
it was all baby stuff – baby carrots, baby corn, etc. He, of course, didn’t “get it!” Maybe serve
things that are in the BABY acronym – beef, apples, bananas, and yams….or you could do the pregnant
acronym. Or just write little hints and hide them with clues around your house. I can’t wait to hear
what you come up with! Yeah for you!!!!!

What a beautiful picture! And it isn’t a faint positive, it is a really decent one for 8dp2dt!!
So happy for you.

YAY!! That is absolutely wonderfully brilliant fabulous fantastic news! Yay for you!

I’m not that creative when it comes to announcements. The best I can come up with is leaving the HPT somewhere you’re sure he’ll find it – like on his pillow. Or maybe find a baby outfit with his favorite sports team on it and wrapping it up as an early Christmas present.

What a great question! I can’t wait to see all the ideas your readers come up with.

Congratulations! I can tell from your post that you’re already glowing. 🙂

Congratulations – that is AWESOME!!!!

HOLY CRAP!! Congrats times a million.

For 10dpo I don’t think it looks faint at all. I’m so very pleased for you. Sorry I don’t have any advice on how to tell the hubby. I’m sure you’ll think of something great.

Oh Hurray! I’m so happy for you.
I wrapped up my positive HPT for my husband like a gift (it was close to our birthdays). I thought it would be SO touching but his eyes are so bad that he couldn’t read it (it was a digital that said PREGNANT right on it) and so he had to go find his glasses but they weren’t the strongest glasses and since he couldn’t read the PREGNANT right in front of his face, he was turning the HPT all over trying to figure out what it was, what it was for. It was SO disappointing… I had to eventually tell him what it was.
My pregnancy started with a test just like that one and I’m almost 30 weeks. 🙂

That is a REALLY strong second line for 10 dpo!!!


Wooot woot – great news my dear! I knew 8dp 2dt would do the trick… and I agree with the other guys – that aint no faint line. I am going to say it first – I think you might have two buns in that oven.

Soooooooooooooo very pleased.



Don’t even need to put my glasses on to see that!!!!!!!


No creative ideas here either. I just took a picture with my phone and sent it to DH.



Congratulations!! I knew it!!! ( tell him straight away so he can share your joy),and then your joy will be doubled!!!

Oh.My.God! So there was method in your madness!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is such great news! Hold the Vodka, break out the cranberry juice – let’s celebrate!

Magic! I am so happy for you after your long haul — congratulations and thank you for being brave enough to put your story out there. I look forward to updates.

I am crying and screaming in my office right now!! (Thank heavens most of my colleagues haven’t arrived yet!) I could not believe when I saw the stick–my mascara is now running!! I am thrilled for you–CANNOT wait to hear the updates!!

OMG! I am beyond thrilled for you. Woman,. I have no idea how you have not told him yet. I end up running downstairs with the pee stick in had, sobbing my eyes out with joy,.

Joy….yes, That is the word. It’s pure joy. Enjoy!

And update!

FanFingTastic! Great news! Great Line(s)!!!! As a word of caution, My DH is the ‘tough nonchalant’ type too and my announcement with him barley registered for the first few days. (I didn’t get the reaction out of him I had hoped for) But as the days have worn on and the lines got darker and the doc said, “you’re pregnant” He’s started to get excited.

Congratulations what wonderful news!! And that is definately not a faint positive! Its a definate positive!! Look forward to hearing all the updates.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’M JUMPING OUTTA MY CHAIR RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU. That is for sure, without a doubt a positve!! Good luck, I look forward to many happy baby filled updates!

Here from L&F.

CONGRATS!!! Seeing those 2 lines brings back such memories for me.

Wow Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I know how hard it is to wait… Right now I have 6 days to wait… I sure “feel” like something is going on… but I am not sure… maybe its just all my imagination??

Oh well it’s fun to fantasize for now!

Tell me did you feel anything after the embryo transfer like for a few days after…. like no pain just like a small pinch or something? Fairly constant?


Soo happy for you!!

Congratulations!! Look forward to hearing all your updates..All the best wishes. So Happy for you, You did it!!

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