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10dp2dt Positive HPT and Spotting

Posted on: Thursday, December 4, 2008

It is another beautiful day. 

However, I am spotting.  Spotting has me fearing that I will have to take progesterone shots.  I rang the clinic yesterday and they told me to take an extra progesterone pessarie.  So I had three yesterday instead of two.  I am still spotting today so I’ll ring them again today and find out what they want me to do.  On the bright side, my husband (who is slowly, but not really, showing slight signs of excitement) has told me to do bugger-all today!

hCG blood test is Monday.


9 Responses to "10dp2dt Positive HPT and Spotting"

The PIO shots go much more smoothly if you

a) make sure the alcohol is dry
b) make sure there is no medicine drippage on the needle

Both cases cause it to sting for me. Hopefully you won’t have to go there anyway…. Good luck!

Congratulations on the good news!!

I had spotting in the beginning and the pessaries did the trick (now 34 weeks!!). Take it easy and look after yourself.

Spotting is totally normal.

It’s another beautiful day indeed! Continued congratulations. 🙂

Yay for putting your feet up and relaxing. I hope the spotting clears up soon you know it probably means nothing but its scary all the same. Best wishes for Monday’s beta.

Roll on Monday! I spotted quite a bit on my HRT FET cycles too and appartenly it is a normal side effect to the meds but SO glad they upped your dose just in case xo

I wish you lots of luck. x

Good luck on Monday. I look forward to the update. Sending many positive vibes your way!

I hope today is another beautiful day and you’ve seen the last of spot and her friends.

Funny you should mention pregnancy widgets. I actually have two sitting in an unpublished post! I just can’t bring myself to set them up, but I will if you do.

Monday seems so far away. How are you coping? I can’t wait!! I hope you get a great number like Imogen’s, I sure you will.

Thinking of you.

I spotted like CRAZY when I did IVF/ICSI. (Weeks–thought I’d lose my mind.) Mr. Spotting Baby is now a rambunctious five-year-old boy who is destroying the living room! Did IVF/ICSI recently again–more spotting around implantation (m/c though, not related to the spotting AT ALL). My RE tells me that 70% of his IVF pts. spot. Looks like you’re pg–how wonderful for you!!

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