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14dp2dt (16dpo) Beta Results

Posted on: Monday, December 8, 2008

I am in shock.

My beta is 945. 

I have a follow up test on Thursday.

☼ I am pregnant! ☼


25 Responses to "14dp2dt (16dpo) Beta Results"


That BETA is HUGE!

Sounds like a very stick one or two.

I am over the moon for you!


I said it first – as soon as I saw that peeeee stick – you have double joy my dear.

WOW – I am soooooo happy for you.

What a fantastic Christmas pressie.


Congratulations. Wonderful news….

You most definitely are pregnant! With twins is my guess too.

Congratulations again. That is fabulous news!

So have you started obsessing over http://betabase.info/index.php yet? You’re looking very twinny. 🙂

Wooo hoo! Very happy for you.

Congrats! that’s huge

What a great beta!!! Yeah. This makes me happy.

Congratulations!!! That is a wonderful beta for 16 DPO!

Not to scare you, but that’s almost double the median for triplets at 16DPO according to betabase.info

Yea! I too, think there are twins! I’m am so happy for you!

Yes you are! And with a nice strong beta number to prove it. 🙂


You certainly are pregnant!! No doubts there.
Glad it’s looking so good xx

So happy for you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Congratulations! That’s wonderful news! Keep us posted!

I still have 6 days to wait to find out…

Can you tell me how you felt before like during the first week and then the second week before you found out you were pregant? Did you feel anything? Sick, natious, slight pinching in your uterus?

Thanks so much… any info would be nice to hear!

Hi Praying and Hoping,

I don’t know if you have a blog but I had one symptom (and still have it) that no one seems to mention … I am severely dehydrated – dry lips, dry skin, dry mouth, I even feel like there isn’t enough moisture in my eyeballs occasionally. I’ve noticed this dryness since 7dp2dt (9dpo). The only other thing is that I seem to get ‘puffed’ really easily, like when I’ve climbed the stairs whilst talking, then my breathing is laboured for a couple of minutes. And I think I have a form of insomnia but that could just be excitement.

I am hoping and praying for you ♥

you must be on cloud nine. So happy for you and your DH and your niece, she must be celebrating too.

Oh geez Melba!

I am having a little weep as I catch up with your news!

This is just so wonderful I am stuck for words!

Thank you for sharing this news with us….I feel honoured to have watched as these happy events have unfolded…this is the best news I have heard in such a loooong time.


Please enjoy the times ahead and keep us posted!

What fantastic news!!!! Wow!! Again, feeling a bit teary eyed. CANNOT wait to hear if you are carrying twins or not. Looking forward to the next update! 🙂 Enjoy this wonderful time!

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I´m so happy for you…i too found out 3 days ago I´m pregnant too! i´m a little bit scared though, since I was feeling crampy and some twinges, but I´ve heard that is pretty normal…How´s your spotting going???? Hope everything is great!!!

I am so happy for you. I have been following your journey for a long time, ever since I typed in ‘over 40 and trying to conceive’! its such wonderful news and I wish all the best for you!!!!!

I am just SO EXCITED for you! That’s a seriously good number you’ve got yourself there. I’m going to just keep sending you good vibes and hope that those embies have settled in for the long haul.

I got a BFP this time around too. I have my u/s on Thursday. I have no great expectations for myself, but I keep a little hope alive. Oh, and also, I want to stab people who wear perfume and eliminate all broccoli from the universe right this minute. Oh. And cherry yogurt? SO GAG.



Congratulations!!!! Fingers are crossed for you!


I could see your titles updated on my blog, but it wouldn’t let me in for some reason, took me ages to download your page.

But, now I’m in!

what fantastic news!!!!! Im so so happy for you!!!

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