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Obstetrician Appointment

Posted on: Monday, December 15, 2008

I have made an appointment with an obstetrician recommended by a friend of mine who had her baby delivered just a couple of months ago.

She is at East Melbourne.  Amazingly, she is in the same building as Melbourne IVF, although I don’t believe she is linked to MIVF in any way; my IVF nurse hadn’t heard of her.  She only works at the Freemasons Private Hospital and they have already booked me in.  It’ll be nice going to the same place I think.

I wasn’t screened for a multiple pregnancy (not that I could shed any light on the matter) before they accepted me.  The receptionist seemed quite nice and my first appointment with this OB/GYN is in three weeks on Tuesday the 6th of January. 

My (final!) scan with my fertility specialist, Dr John McBain, is on Tuesday the 23rd of December.  Until then I am taking it easy and praying a lot.  Hopefully I’ll be as lucky and happy as our friendly Evil Stepmonster – congrats again!!.


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Thanks for your comments. I managed to locate an OB today who would take me (whether low or high risk). I live down in Mornington and things tightened up down here when insurances for Drs. went through the roof. I am so excited for you (and Evil SM). Things are really looking up all round! xoxo

I too am watching both you Aussies (you and ESM) and celebrating with you. Very happy.

Congratulations! I’ve been lurking quite a while and cheering for you from the sidelines. I’m so happy that you got the best of Christmas presents ever. I hope you’ll be double thrilled on the 23rd (shhhhhh!)

Congratulations to you. I am just starting my first foray into IVF in the states and have found great advice and great inspiration from your blog.
Thanks and good luck!

Organising an Ob this early seems quite strange doesn’t it? Its a very optimistic step – I’m still trying to embrace it, but I’m sure you’re far beyond me in that area. I’ve decided on Frances Perry House above the RWH.

The Freemasons has a Special Care Nursery so I’m sure they’ll still take you if the scan shows twins. Only one week to go!

Actually, it was my IVF nurse who suggested I make the obstetrician appointment after my first positive beta … maybe it’s hard to get in and see these people? However, it was the obstetrician who wanted to see me so early, she even had her receptionist ring me back and bring the appointment (originally on the 17th of Jan) forward. Who knows; I’ll find out why on the 6th I guess!

Oh I am so happy I haven’t read your blog for a while drowning in my own infertility sadness. Anyway we are now on our way on the embryo donor list. I hope we get a chance soon. I sooooooo want to be feeling what you are feeling at the moment. We have the Dr you know. Anyway my goodluck vibes are coming your way. I know how exciting and scary it is. You have given me hope as or stories are very similar- minus the fact that I don’t have an egg donor. Every thing crossed for you two( three or four???)

The main reason I chose Frances Perry is because we live about 60k out of Melb and Parkville has easy freeway access in a hurry! The closest hospital to us doesn’t have maternity. There is another a slightly closer distance than melb but in the opposite direction but you’d only go there for a snake bite! I think I’d be too high risk for them anyway. The other reason is the Ob, he was recommended by 2 friends and only delivers at Frances Perry. I always thought I’d want a female Ob but I guess so many IVF’s de-sensitise you to these things!

Sounds like your IVF nurse made a good recommendation on making the appointment! Do you have a scan with the RE in the meantime?

Congrats on the appointment! It must feel amazing. I hope those three weeks pass swiftly, blissfully, and smoothly and that the appointment is everything you hope it to be.

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