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Cramps and Bleeding Before My Six Week Scan

Posted on: Friday, December 19, 2008

Bit petrified.  Bled bright red yesterday with mild cramping.   The bleeding gradually turned brown and it’s stopped now.  I wouldn’t have been so panicky; well I didn’t panic until I read the following in one of my pregnancy magazines (yes, I’ve bought three of them already!).

“Red blood loss with period-like pains is more likely to end in a miscarriage.  An ultrasound scan can see if the baby’s heart is still beating, from about six weeks”.

After I read this I took an extra progesterone pessary, lay down for 25 mins, stood up, felt really dizzy, felt like I was going to vomit, started running to the toilet, got dizzier, half fell to the floor, made it back to bed and lay there for another 20 minutes.  OK, I was panicking.

It was the cramps that made me panic.  They were just like period pains.  And they were happening whilst I was bleeding.  It didn’t last long but I felt my dream slipping through my arms.   Scan on Tuesday; holding my breath until then.  I’m feeling better now.  Just part of the process.  If I hadn’t been through all these IVFs I know I wouldn’t feel so frightened every step of the way.  Maybe I even imagined the cramps were worse then they were.  Still, what caused this little episode?


17 Responses to "Cramps and Bleeding Before My Six Week Scan"

I am so sorry you have also experienced bleeding 😦 Your BETA was bloody awesome though so I hope it was just one of those harmless mysteries. Feet up xoxo

I experienced the same thing… bad cramps and some tinges of blood. Period cramps (even bad ones) are normal… and… how far up are you putting the progesterone? If they are too far up they can irritate the cervix and cause bleeding. (I was scared too when it happened)

I have had some cramping but I think it’s becasue the uterus is growing. Having had a m/c I know that it is WAY different than period cramps. Way worse. Plus it stopped. If you were acutely m/c-ing is would not have stopped. The blood could be cervical irritation from all the progesterone.

I’m just feel like this is the real deal for you. I totally understand how terrifying it all is. Every little thing makes one think it’s all doomed. But I feel really hopeful for you (and me).

Wishing you peace of mind until Tuesday. On Tuesday I wish you “flicker” vibes.

I had red blood flow at 6 weeks, almost heavier than a period. It totally freaked me out. Except that it stopped after a few hours. I got an ultrasound the next day. There was a heartbeat. The bleeding was due to a subchorionic hematoma. The next 6 weeks I bled off and on until the hematoma cleared. I am now 18 weeks pregnant!

Hopefully, your baby is just fine too. I know it’s hard, but try to relax and keep your mind busy with other things.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Really common stuff. Sounds like it stopped pretty quickly too. Also remember, your betas have been good and high, and there’s a possibility that you’re carrying more than one. My friend who had twins said her OB/GYN told her that twin pregnancy bleeding is really, really common. For the rest of us, it’s still more common than anyone lets on. Hang in there, I’m sure Tuesday will set your mind at ease!

PS – Everyone is right about the progesterone – I try not to aim those things anywhere near my cervix – I just go a bit lower, even though the instinct is to shove them up there as far as they will go. But, every time I touch my cervix with them, I bleed! Took me a while to figure out the connection there, but now I’m cool.

PPS – Still just SO excited for you!

I think you need to lay down more and trying to be relax at the moment, Don’t panic for anything just happened and listening some relax music, cuz it will help you and the babies to get relax. Bleed and cramps it’s very normal in the earlier stage of the pregnancy, Besides a lot of people just like you had been through the same problem, But their baby is ok and they still growning and getting stronger day after day…Hope your scan on Tuesday will be fine. We all cross the fingers for you here. Good luck.

Good Luck. I keep hoping for you !!

I think that if you were to miscarry, the bleeding and cramping would not have stopped. I miscarried after IVF in October, and the bleeding and cramping were very different from period cramps–clots, more cramping than I ever had during a period, and the bleeding didn’t stop.
I hope that Tuesday gives you great and reassuring news. I’m crossing my fingers for you as well. Hang in there–it’s tough.

I also hear that is common. Your uterus is growing to accomodate your little one(s), so it’s only natural that you feel something.

Hang in there! I hope Tuesday brings more wonderful news and much peace of mind.

Reading through info my Ob gave me (I met my OB Today!) he says that bleeding is not unusual during the first trimester and nothing much can be done to stop it. Perhaps the cramps were due to the progesterone? Or sex? Maybe the blood is an implantation bleed like Imogen?

I really don’t know honey, but I know that’s its scary.

I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and waiting with bated breath to hear if there’s one or two little flickering heartbeats. My money’s with Andi! Make sure you ask lots of questions and get them to explain everything to you.

There isn’t much more I can add but my thoughts are with you.

My wife started bleeding again today and I’m scared. I’m trying to keep her calm so I don’t show that i’m scared. She is taking Prometrium (Progesterone caplets) which she inserts vaginally. I’m hoping that the capsules are causing the bleeding. She’s not cramping at all. She is at 6w3d now. Our US is scheduled for next Wed (9 days away). I hope the bleeding stops and that we can stop worrying. This is our first time going through IVF after trying on our own for 4 years. We have so much invested and would be devastated if this doesn’t work. Good luck and I hope everything works out well for you.

please help,

I had my 2nd ivf 05/11, i started bleeding 2 days later with no cramping and I only bleed went i pee. I first started passing blood clots the i started bleeding when i pee. The bleeding stops for a day then when i go pee i bleed again. please someone let me know what it could be. i am scare and discourage

I am 7dp3dt and am having moderate to severe cramping the same feeling as menstral cramps. The beginning of the week the cramping was just mild and has gotten worse. Very nervous as this is IVF# one and only. At $15,000 out of pocket it’s a one shot deal. I’m expecting AF tomorrow afternoon based on the cramps. So sad.

Hello. I am 20 yrs old, and about a week and a half-two weeks ago, my bf and I had unprotected sex. On Nov. 3, 2010, I noticed some light brown discharge (pretty thick) on my underwear. Then on Nov. 4, 2010, I started a very very light “period”. It was only strong enough the whole day to use two regular sized tampons and a little bit on a regular pad. Then after that, I have had bleeding on and off like a tap-mostly when I use the restroom or contract my stomach muscles. This is NOT anything like my normal period, because there is no flow, and it only really drips lightly like a tap when i contract my stomach muscles to urinate. Also, I have had very little cramping the first day and only very little today. Can someone clear this up for me? Am I having an abnormal period? Or am I bleeding vaginally (decidually) due to pregnancy?

if ddnt come to this website wud have been worried to death, dd n ivf three wks ago, everything has been fine until yesterday when i started bleeding n had tiny cramps, then the bleeding stoped to being brown, but i stil went to the doctor who told me there was nothing he can do, i must just try n lie down with no further explanation, thanxs to you guys now i know it doz hapn whether it means miscarrying or just the usual, thank you so much, i wil wait fo the scan tomorow

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