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Well, I am cruising along – here is a list of events that are not necessarily related to IVF that show that it worked (finally!):

  1. Still Spotting: At 8 weeks and 3 days my obstetrician organised a scan to investigate why I was still spotting just about every day (despite having already had my progesterone increased to 1200mg per day).  I got to see the two little ones again and they were both good sizes with good heartbeats.
  2. Spotting Stopped: My spotting finally stopped, at 8 weeks and 3 days.  How’s that for timing!!!
  3. Pregnancy Symptoms: It’s summer here in Australia and I’ve had a few nose bleeds.  I’ve also had some massive headaches.  However, the real news is that I am couch-bound.  I am seriously and sincerely suffering from debilitating morning sickness, the type that stays all day.  I am losing muscle tone everywhere from not doing any physical activity; being vertical makes me sicker.  I have no energy and get exhausted walking up the stairs in the house.  I am not overweight – just absolutely exhausted after any physical exertion.  I’m not drinking enough fluids and I’m not eating enough; I have no appetite.  My eyesite has weakened a bit and I look five years older than I am.  But you know what?  I AM PREGNANT and I DON’T CARE!!  I’m not complaining … just describing.  I have taken all day to write this (well, I actually started it three days ago) because I have to keep lying down.  I am sooo glad I am not working because I would be useless. My husband, bless him, has cooked dinner every night since Christmas Eve – no special Christmas banquets at our house, we had cold meat and nibbles!  He is treating me like a portable incubator and I cannot complain at all; I am very lucky.  I have also had a few ‘crabby’ episodes.  I had to ring my Mum one day to apologise for a phone call that would have been particularly uncomfortable for her.  She still doesn’t know we’re pregnant.  Although she may still be putting it down to IVF hormones.
  4. My First OB/GYN Appointment: My appointment with my OB/GYN did not go as I hoped or planned.  It was terrible.  I had simply asked a friend who she had used and I regretted it.  I didn’t get the feeling that this doctor really cared about me or my emotional situation at all.  She was terrible at building rapport with me and did not smile.  She asked me very matter of fact questions and gave me very brief responses.  She had very poor eye contact.  I started crying about five minutes into the meeting.  I just ended up clamming up and hardly said anything at all.  The icing on the cake was when she told me that it would probably be a caesarean because I was carrying twins (her only reason).  My sister had her twins through a vaginal birthand I’d like to know that I’m in with a chance of doing so as well (don’t ask me why, I just want to try to do it).  When I told her I’d prefer to try to have them naturally I got the unmistakable feeling that she was not open to discussing it and I seriously could have sworn she semi-rolled her eyes at me.  Now, I don’t hold this against this particular doctor; it’s just her style/preferance.  My friend was quite happy with her (but did end up having a caesar, by the way).  Really, so many pregnancy books and websites do tell you that selection of your OB is very important, so I’m listening to them.
    I just feel like I didn’t ‘click’ with this doctor.  To be completely honest, yes really, after all I have been through with the IVF process, I have now realised that I am in need of some fully fledged molly-coddling by my OB.  Now, I certainly do understand that these guys are specialists and that they are generally concerned with the technical side of a pregnancy (that’s why I am not saying that the aforementioned doctor did anything that was really wrong).  I understand that the true/original purpose of an OB was to have ‘difficult’ cases referred to them by GPs.  I understand this and so I’m not complaining.  Having said that, I also know that there are OB/GYNs out there who are genuinely more caring.  So, I did some research and have now settled on a Dr Peter England, who also works with the Freemasons Private Hospital in Melbourne.
  5. Down’s Syndrome Screening Test: This was organised by the original OB and so I am still going to go ahead with the tests.  I have checked and I can just change the doctor’s name on the request forms for the scan and the blood test.  I am hoping I shall be quite safe given the youthfulness of the lovely eggs I used.  The blood test is scheduled for tomorrow (10th week) and the scan to measure the nuchal translucency is for the 12th week.  They said we can buy a DVD of this scan so it must be an interesting one.
  6. Stopping the IVF Hormones:  Now I’m nervous!  I stopped the Oestrogen and the progesterone two days ago (yay – glad to be rid of those pessaries).  I am freaking out though – feeling my breasts, checking my undies, gauging my nausea, hoping not to see a decline in the success of my pregnancy.  The blood test for Downs Syndrome scheduled for tomorrow also asks for some other tests including checking my progesterone levels and so I am hoping that this test shows all is well.
  7. Acceptance of the Pregnancy:  I know I am pregnant and I love it.  Love it.  However, I am still in ‘protection mode’.  I am still refering to the foetus as ‘it’, as opposed to ‘them’, and I cannot visualise two babies, if I try hard I can visualise myself with one.  This is not doomsaying on my part, well I don’t believe it is, I actually think it is my unconscious psychological approach.  I still can’t believe I will have a baby and I’m content with taking one day at a time.  I can just tell you that I am ten weeks and three days pregnant.  Mind you, when I pass 14 weeks (two weeks after we lost the last little one) I shall be be on top of the world and then I will tell my Mum and Dad!

So, basically I have been a basket case 🙂

Not sleeping properly and not thinking properly.  My husband is kinda used to this seeing as how I haven’t been thinking properly, due to the IVF hormones, for quite a while.  He still gets frustrated though.

I am happy and everything seems to be going well.

Here are some lovely photos: www.sheonabeach.com


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