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16 Weeks Pregnant with Twins after IVF

Posted on: Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am still pregnant  and still unable to truly believe it – maybe once I can feel them moving.  We are truly blessed.  I have another scan in three weeks just to check on them.  I believe I will find out their sexes at that point.

Tammy thank you so very much for your concern; I’m still sick and very low on energy but all signs point to a healthy status. 

Now that it seems to have well and truly worked (still hasn’t sunk in), we are wondering what to give our niece as a thank you gift.  We were thinking a travel voucher from a travel agent so she and her boyfriend can go on a holiday of their choice – I’m sure she wouldn’t want to go on her own.  Any other ideas?

I wish everyone a smooth and doubt-free week.


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My sister (8 yrs younger) was my egg donor. I’m not sure why but we didn’t get her a thankyou gift. Now reading your blog I can’t believe that we were so thoughtless. I think after trying so long we were really overwhelmed. Twin b did not get to come home with us. We really were not thinking. Now Nolan is 2. Yikes!
Now, upon thinking about it I will be getting something for my sister that she’s really wanted herself. Something she’s really wanted … but couldn’t have. She’s always wanted to learn how to fly. So I think we’ll give her some lessons.
Depending on your niece’s interests- you could offer to pay for a course- perhaps in photography, scuba diving, a second language, horsebackriding, or something similar.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! As for me I didn’t really believe it until Nolan was almost 5 months old. That was when it started to feel real.

I think that is a wonderful idea for her. I’m sure that they would have a great time. Had been thinking about you and glad that everything is going good and that you updated 🙂

Oh gee Melba!

Thanks ever so much for the update!

This is all splendid news indeed…how wonderful.

The idea of an appreciation gift for your wonderful niece sounds the way to go. Make it something she can’t refuse, as we know she was not expecting any sort of reward other than your gratitude. I have no doubt you will make it something very thoughtful and appropriate.

Oh I can’t wait to hear the news after your next scan…..this is so exciting!


Great to hear from you! Something from here may be a nice interim gift:

Keep us updated when you can xoxo

I am so glad to hear that everything is going well. I was wondering how you were doing.

I never really believed my pregnancy was true until it was nearly at the end. I now have a 7 week old daughter, ‘sigh’, life is good.

Maybe checking with her family what she might like…

So glad to read your update…16 weeks with twins, wow. How truly wonderful for you!
I think that the idea of a gift for your niece is very sweet–let us know what you decide to give (I like the idea of the travel voucher).
Take it easy, and enjoy your pregnancy. Congratulations again!

Maybe using her name as one of the middle names, assuming they are not two boys that is! GREAT news from you, so glad you posted.

Oh my God Melba! Great news all around! Two babies and you’re safe from the fires!

This type of communication is relatively new for me. It’s odd to catch yourself worrying and praying about someone that you only know from a blog that you happen to find one day while you were looking for a reason to smile.

You are such a beacon of hope for those of us who may some day decide to consider using donor eggs. What a happy time! What a dream…and you’re 16 weeks! It’ll be wonderful to hear about their first movement! You should keep a journal to give to those little bundles of joy someday. Tell them about all that you’ve felt and how much they were wanted and loved even before you’d met them. I honestly don’t think that most women who’ve gotten pregnant naturally could ever feel the way an IVF woman does when they get two lines!

Your idea for a gift is a beautiful idea, I think your niece will love it! Keep us posted!

Yeah! Your ok. I was checking your site every day, eager to know what is going on. Congratulations – you are 16 weeks!!! How wonderful.
A trip of a lifetime sounds like a great present. I was given a flight to New York for my 30’th and I had the best week of my life.
Please keep us updated!!

Love your blog – made me smile! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Im 32 weeks pregnant myself with my first little boy, very exciting! As I work with Bounty I’ve been following my stages online, as its my first pregnancy so its all new to me! Here is whats going on at 24 weeks http://www.bounty.com/pregnancy/24-weeks-pregnant.aspx which is where you are! Its so amazing isnt it. Anyway, best of luck to you for the rest of the pregnancy! xxx

oo sorry i did 24 weeks and you are 16! here is what is going on at 16 weeks – enjoy hun http://www.bounty.com/pregnancy/16-weeks-pregnant.aspx xxxx

Congrats – I’m only 4 weeks ahead of you but it still doesn’t seem real most of the time. It does get better with each passing week. It’s hard to overcome the mental drain of years of infertility in only a few short months…

I’m 8 weeks pregnant with twins using donor eggs.
What should feel like the best news in the world seems to have thrown me in to turmoil.
It’s taken us 6 long and arduous years to get this far, so why aren’t I overjoyed?
Has anyone else found themselves in this situation?


I’m about to have my opu next week. I’m in Melb. too and about your age. Reading that you are well and ticking along gives me hope. Your sharing your journey is really a brave and generous gift to give to strangers .
You’re going to be a fantastic mom. Those little peanuts are very lucky.

Maybe a Visa/MC with the amount of a trip loaded on with some fun spending added and the suggdestion that it’s for a trip for them ? That way if there’s something you don’t know about that she needs or wants ,the fit will be perfect for her.

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just found your blog and wanted to wish you joy with your pregnancy. It is such a long hard road that is wonderful to read some good news. thanks so much for sharing your experiences. may

Great to hear an update from you. I hope you start to feel better very soon.

I love the idea of a travel voucher, that way your niece can have a say in her reward too. Otherwise perhaps a piece of jewellry that she can have forever.

Best wishes for your next scan, I hope it helps to make it even more real for you. I am hoping mine will. Can you feel any movement yet?

Hi! Just catching up after a long time… I am so glad to hear about your twin pregnancy! Hope everything is well!

As a friend who did IVf a year before I did spent so much time on the internet looking things up, worrying if she was doing things differently from others she read about, etc I’ve stayed clear of doing the same. However I’ve been doing it so long and with so little result tonight I thought I’d have a look around – trying to look for something supportive. Your blog is great, and I’m so very pleased for you. And thank you too – those you’ve left ‘behind’ (I’ve had 7 stim cycles, 4 thaw cycles, took a ‘break’ with 7 AI cycles at one point – and have had nothing but unexplained vommitting that puts me into hospital) can take courage from you. Thank you.

OH I hope you get this Melba. I just got THE phone call and I am pregnant!
Beta 882 on day18! I couldn’t bring myself to do it on day 16 I was so nervous!
Our little donor emby/s have stuck!
I was hoping your good news would follow through. We have a lot in common loss in the past/same Crap eggs/same age/same town and same doctor!
Wow, it feels good to say……. I am Pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melba? Where for art thou?

Am hanging out here for an update!

Hoping all is well with you, the bubs, hubby, and that wonderful niece!

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