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I honestly didn’t think anyone was still reading this blog.  If you are still reading it, I thank you so much for your interest.  

I guess I am attempting to wind it down now that I am pregnant.  To be honest, I feel a little bit uncomforable because I’m frightened to ‘rub’ my pregnancy in the face of people who are still trying to get pregnant (and who have read this story based on the fact that they are indeed having trouble conceiving).  The blog is called A Taste of IVF Over 40 because it is intended to be about IVF, not pregnancy.  It mostly gets read by people who have searched for terms such as “TTC” and “home pregnancy tests after IVF”.

Having said that, I am really flattered that people are still checking in.  Thank you 🙂 

A brief update: I am feeling fine.  I’ve just returned from a lovely and relaxing holiday driving around New Zealand in a motor home with my husband (the calm before the storm he called it!).  The twins often play contact sports inside me (well, where else are they going to play them?!) and I have had the luxury of a fuss free pregnancy.  My symptoms have been: Trimester 1 – Debilitating nausea, headaches and extreme exhaustion; Trimester 2 – very sore belly due to rapid expansion of uterus, ligaments, etc.; Trimester 3 – very sore belly (still) and a complete and utter distraction from reality as I realise that my babies will be here in a couple of months or so.  I have simply purchased everything already.  Everything!  Socks, cots, baby carriers, car seats (they’re already in the back seat of my car!), bouncer/swing thingies, breastfeeding pillow for twin-feeding, blankies, bunny rugs, beanies, nappies, wipes, bottles, breast pumps, bottle warmer, steriliser – you name it – I’ve got it.  I am SOOOO excited. I have washed their little clothes, sorted through everything at least three times, made up the cots already (sheets and all), hung a mobile, packed their little items for bringing them home from hospital into my nappy bag … 

I am wondering how Swine Flu affects unborn babies as there has now been a case reported in our suburb.  Consequently, I am thinking that I should avoid mixing with people when it’s not necessary (shopping centres, etc.).  Anyone got any information on this one?

I am currently researching a Doula to assist with the birth.  I will be up against the odds in choosing a natural birth.  Apparently my hospital is known as “Caesar’s Palace” with the highest C-Section rate in Victoria, Australia at almost 50% (for singletons!).  The report is here.  My OB said he’d support me to have a natural delivery but he said that most OBs wouldn’t.  He said that I’d have an epidural regardless and so my labour won’t be a particularly active one.  Hmmm.  Therefore, I think a Doula will be good for me.  They are supposed to reduce the incidence of C-Sections by 50% due to them helping to create a calm atmosphere, enabling the mother to feel more confident and involved, etc.

I hope everyone sleeps well tonight.