A Taste of IVF Over 40

IVF Success at 41

Posted on: Thursday, May 28, 2009

I honestly didn’t think anyone was still reading this blog.  If you are still reading it, I thank you so much for your interest.  

I guess I am attempting to wind it down now that I am pregnant.  To be honest, I feel a little bit uncomforable because I’m frightened to ‘rub’ my pregnancy in the face of people who are still trying to get pregnant (and who have read this story based on the fact that they are indeed having trouble conceiving).  The blog is called A Taste of IVF Over 40 because it is intended to be about IVF, not pregnancy.  It mostly gets read by people who have searched for terms such as “TTC” and “home pregnancy tests after IVF”.

Having said that, I am really flattered that people are still checking in.  Thank you 🙂 

A brief update: I am feeling fine.  I’ve just returned from a lovely and relaxing holiday driving around New Zealand in a motor home with my husband (the calm before the storm he called it!).  The twins often play contact sports inside me (well, where else are they going to play them?!) and I have had the luxury of a fuss free pregnancy.  My symptoms have been: Trimester 1 – Debilitating nausea, headaches and extreme exhaustion; Trimester 2 – very sore belly due to rapid expansion of uterus, ligaments, etc.; Trimester 3 – very sore belly (still) and a complete and utter distraction from reality as I realise that my babies will be here in a couple of months or so.  I have simply purchased everything already.  Everything!  Socks, cots, baby carriers, car seats (they’re already in the back seat of my car!), bouncer/swing thingies, breastfeeding pillow for twin-feeding, blankies, bunny rugs, beanies, nappies, wipes, bottles, breast pumps, bottle warmer, steriliser – you name it – I’ve got it.  I am SOOOO excited. I have washed their little clothes, sorted through everything at least three times, made up the cots already (sheets and all), hung a mobile, packed their little items for bringing them home from hospital into my nappy bag … 

I am wondering how Swine Flu affects unborn babies as there has now been a case reported in our suburb.  Consequently, I am thinking that I should avoid mixing with people when it’s not necessary (shopping centres, etc.).  Anyone got any information on this one?

I am currently researching a Doula to assist with the birth.  I will be up against the odds in choosing a natural birth.  Apparently my hospital is known as “Caesar’s Palace” with the highest C-Section rate in Victoria, Australia at almost 50% (for singletons!).  The report is here.  My OB said he’d support me to have a natural delivery but he said that most OBs wouldn’t.  He said that I’d have an epidural regardless and so my labour won’t be a particularly active one.  Hmmm.  Therefore, I think a Doula will be good for me.  They are supposed to reduce the incidence of C-Sections by 50% due to them helping to create a calm atmosphere, enabling the mother to feel more confident and involved, etc.

I hope everyone sleeps well tonight.


24 Responses to "IVF Success at 41"

I think people still like to read about a success story and how things are progressing. I agree that there were blogs I stopped reading when the writers got pregnant while I was still struggling. But they also gave me hope at various points that it could work out for me too.

If you decide to convert to a pregnancy blog let us know! : ) Although you’re almost there…

Just checking on IVF sites and this was a welcome change. Most seem to be so negative with “number of tries”, “taking the test early”, and geared to a younger crowd of 30 somethings that make me feel old and daft for trying this!

Hearty congratulations on the upcoming twins, you give me hope.

We’re on try 3 and since I have no idea how many times insurance will cover just plan on keeping going as long as we can. Can’t seem to do anything in the US without coverage.

Anyway, tips on finding more uplifting information and tales would be great.


I have not had the opportunity to read your entire blog hx…but did you have repetitive polyp issues? If so, how many times?

Great to hear from you! I’m so pleased that you are doing so well and feeling good. You sound so calm and organised!

Re; hospital classes – I think I did mine quite early, most of the other girls were around 34 weeks. I was expecting more info on birthing options, pain relief, etc, but it sounds like you have already discussed all this with your OB.

Good luck with finding a doula.

Good to finally see an update 🙂 And, I agree with other posters that folks who have followed your journey will want to know how everything turns out AND if you want to continue to blog post delivery, many will want to read that, too.

I found your site using “over 40 IVF” I think and bookmarked it BECAUSE you were pregnant 🙂


Great to hear from you! So glad that things are progressing nicely for you. One of the benefits of bedrest is not having to worry about swine flu (unless DH brings it home) as I too would be a little worried about hanging out in crowded public places too often xoxo

I am so glad you checked in with an update! I was just thinking about you the other day and accessed your posts when you were in the 2ww with this pregnancy (and yes, I admit, was checking to see how many days past transfer you did your HPT :-)). My DH and I are in the 2ww with our first DE cycle. I hope we are successful, but we will try again if not. Your blog really was an inspiration for me. I am happy to hear any news of your pregnancy! I am very excited for you and your family! Good luck with everything! I hope you find a fantastic doula. Friends of mine used one and it made a huge difference, especially in terms of advocating for the patient and calming things down.

Best Wishes to you!

Glad to know you’re doing well. I’m an over-40 IVF success, too, so I like knowing that your pregnancy is progressing uneventfully. (We’re 21.5 weeks along with a singleton–also a boy). Your boys will be here before you know it! We didn’t use DE, but absolutely considered it if my 40 year old ovaries didn’t cooperate. Success stories are great–can’t wait to hear about your birth. Hope you get the natural one you want. Good luck and have a great rest of your pregnancy.

I’m glad you posted an update – I like knowing how things are going with you. It is also heartening to know of your success and how you arrived there. Please let us know if you switch to another blog.

Thanks for the update. It was so nice to hear success stories from over 40 couples. I am 11 day post transfer and HPT are still very positive. I’m getting a little freaked out that I could possible have 3… if they all took! OMG…..Very happy for you…HCG June 3rd

I found your story encouraging and just what I needed to read today. I am 40 and have been TTC x 9mo. Luckily I met the most wonderful man 1.5 years agao, but unfortunately found our my eggs are old and I had stage 3 endometriosis. I have been on clomid, had laproscopic surgery to remove cysts and endo. We are finally approved to start IVF and if all goes well the ER/ET will be at the end of the month..
I am cautiously excited and realize the chances of IVF#1 working out, slim. But I want to stay super positive.
Have you met anyone who has had success with IVF#1 at my age? If it doesnt work….I’m all about the egg donor. I just want our baby.

Best of luck to you and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy!!

Dear Melbagirl,You inspire me with this blog.I am really happy for you and pray for your safe pregnancy and will keep following your blog.
We are in the agonising 2 ww and it will be 8 more days before my blood test.Don’t want to tear my hair out before that…..! I will read your other entries too. This is my 3rd cycle…hope it is 3rd time lucky…!!!…to the others:
Be Happy for all those who are able to have their babies naturally, to those who bravely try so hard and to those who never gave up and for those who have made peace with their decisions ! Prayers go out to all and their dear partners !!!

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences on your blog. Today was my first encounter. I wish you luck with the delivery. I’m sure a doula will be a great support.

All the best,


Hey, I’m so happy for you. It’s good to know you’re doing good, I’m new to your blog, too. Marge, I became pregnant on my #1IVF cycle and I was 40 going on 41. We will try again shortly, wish me luck.


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Okay, there have to be babies by now! 🙂
Hope all went well, and you’re all settling into being a family.

Post an update!!! Here I am reading your story for the first time and It. Just. Stops.

Hope all is well with those little boys of yours!

In the 2ww period, 4dpt- 41 years old and IVF cycle#1, also have a 10 year old from a previous relationship. Took out the home equity loan to fund a one shot IVF deal after 3 failed IUIs. I realize that’s not too many. When I look at my medical charts they always check unexplained infertility and I want to grab the nurse’s pen and write- old, no boyfriend!!!!! Just kidding. Very excited to have tried IVF and am hoping for the best even though I know the odds are against me. Hey, you can’t take the money with you to the other side anyway! BTW after 13 days of gonadatropin therapy- from a pharmacy in England compliments of Italy and Russia so I couldn’t read ANYTHING about the medications I was taking- I got 7 follicles (antral follicle count 12) and 6 mature eggs- three fertilized (whew!) with one 8 cell and two 4 cells. I think the embryologist would have liked better results but I am not complaining as a geriatric fertility patient.

I just found you and “I guess I am attempting to wind it down now that I am pregnant.” was just what I wanted to read. Congratulations and now I’m off to see how you did it 🙂

Hi. I just found out I am pregnant from an IUI (frozen sperm) and I am 41 and will be 42 in two months. In the past ten months I tried 3 IUIs, one round of IVF and one more IUI which all failed before this one. I guess in the big picture 6 tries is not that much. I am so excited and hope the pregnancy sticks- miscarriage is such a big risk at my age. I have a little boy who is turning 11 this month whom I had when I was 30. When I told him about the pregnancy he said- mom I’m so glad you kept trying after the IVF failed. I now have a huge loan to payback from the IVF and impending daycare… but it was all worth it. Keeping my fingers crossed. Happy I went after my dream. Love that my son learned persistence…

Great site, after all the negatives surrounding age and I.V.F, and the cost! I have been with my husband a very long time, over 20 years, but I just kept putting having children off, looks like it might have been too late. My husband always wanted kids but wanted what I wanted first, so never any pressure. He is a brilliant man, I love him so much. I just hope it works.

Hi I just found your Blog.I thankyou for doing it, im 38 I am pre menopausal I have no eggs at all after numerous test.I did try an IVF cycle but no eggs at all.Now I have a donor for eggs and sperm on 1st attempt which was a fresh implant.I also did the HPT negative I was on the pessaries 2 day then I went to 3 a day then I had a bleed and I rang the Clinic they put me on 4 pessaries a day then it was the day Blood test day. I fell pregnant but at 6 weeks I miscarried.But i will try again.

I have since done a 2nd attemt with a frozen cycle no luck.Iwas on pessaries 3 times a day +HRT

In between all this you have the highs and the lows you think am i doing it right etc you know what i mean.

Anyway now im doing my 3rd attempt with frozen eggs so now im in my 2WW I am so hoping all is well.It is the last of my frozen eggs from my donor so I have everything crossed I just hope this time it works.Otherwise not sure what to do next.

And again thankyou for your blog.


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