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Donor Eggs – Donor Sperm – Many Attempts – Much Joy

Well, yes they are here.  And I am so proud.  No amount of sleepnessness can take away my happiness.

The labour went well.  I was admitted at 6:30am, inducted at around 7:30am and delivered them just before 4pm.

I had an epidural.  That was always going to be the case seeing as how it was twins.  There’s a lot more that can go wrong, so just in case … and just as well I did.  Twin One was delivered via suction because my OB wanted to make sure I had plenty of energy left to push out Twin Two.

Twin Two was playing hide and seek so the OB had to go in and ‘fish him out’!  He managed to grab a hand first (not exactly what he was after), but then successfully pulled him out by his foot.  Twin Two was assisted with forceps.

They’re both healthy and we’ve had a relatively smooth time considering my age.  I’m breastfeeding about two or three feeds a day and the rest are formula feeds as it’s been difficult to produce enough milk as yet but I don’t mind because it means my husband gets to play a very involved role.  I think I’ll keep breastfeeding for at least six months; hopefully a year.  Apparently my age affects my breastmilk production as well as my egg quality.

I can’t describe the exhaustion though.  I pinched a nerve in my neck during labour and I’ve still not recovered fully.  I only have about 70% mobility in my left arm which is difficult (and painful!).  Often I have cried from exhaustion and stress.  The first four weeks has been extremely difficult and no amount of reading can prepare you for the inevitable shock of twins.  They are a lot of work.  Let me restate that – they are a LOT of work!  But I love it, love it, love it – truly.  They are so precious to us.

They look completely different from each other.  I should rest assured that it was the same sperm donor for each baby but goodness they look totally different – to the point where we cannot find any similarities in their appearance at all!  Of course they are from the same egg and sperm donors – and their appearance is also nothing like my husband or I.  Would you believe, not one person has commented on who they look like!  Noone has said “ooh, he’s got your nose,” or anything like that.

We love them SO much it HURTS.

This is the wonderful end to a very painful story.  I hope it gives you inspiration and strength.