A Taste of IVF Over 40

IVF Twin Boys: Delivered Naturally (almost!)

Posted on: Sunday, August 30, 2009

Donor Eggs – Donor Sperm – Many Attempts – Much Joy

Well, yes they are here.  And I am so proud.  No amount of sleepnessness can take away my happiness.

The labour went well.  I was admitted at 6:30am, inducted at around 7:30am and delivered them just before 4pm.

I had an epidural.  That was always going to be the case seeing as how it was twins.  There’s a lot more that can go wrong, so just in case … and just as well I did.  Twin One was delivered via suction because my OB wanted to make sure I had plenty of energy left to push out Twin Two.

Twin Two was playing hide and seek so the OB had to go in and ‘fish him out’!  He managed to grab a hand first (not exactly what he was after), but then successfully pulled him out by his foot.  Twin Two was assisted with forceps.

They’re both healthy and we’ve had a relatively smooth time considering my age.  I’m breastfeeding about two or three feeds a day and the rest are formula feeds as it’s been difficult to produce enough milk as yet but I don’t mind because it means my husband gets to play a very involved role.  I think I’ll keep breastfeeding for at least six months; hopefully a year.  Apparently my age affects my breastmilk production as well as my egg quality.

I can’t describe the exhaustion though.  I pinched a nerve in my neck during labour and I’ve still not recovered fully.  I only have about 70% mobility in my left arm which is difficult (and painful!).  Often I have cried from exhaustion and stress.  The first four weeks has been extremely difficult and no amount of reading can prepare you for the inevitable shock of twins.  They are a lot of work.  Let me restate that – they are a LOT of work!  But I love it, love it, love it – truly.  They are so precious to us.

They look completely different from each other.  I should rest assured that it was the same sperm donor for each baby but goodness they look totally different – to the point where we cannot find any similarities in their appearance at all!  Of course they are from the same egg and sperm donors – and their appearance is also nothing like my husband or I.  Would you believe, not one person has commented on who they look like!  Noone has said “ooh, he’s got your nose,” or anything like that.

We love them SO much it HURTS.

This is the wonderful end to a very painful story.  I hope it gives you inspiration and strength.


38 Responses to "IVF Twin Boys: Delivered Naturally (almost!)"

YAYYYYYYYY! Congratulations!!! I was hoping that we would get an update soon!

I never knew about your breast milk deminishing, similar to your eggs. Good to know I guess.

Has your neice seen the bubba’s?

Congratulations!! Wishing you all the best as you end a painful story and begin a very happy new story.

So, so happy for you. I remember those early days of new mommyness as a blur of total love and exhaustion!!
It definitely gets better. You’ll likely look at singleton moms and think “Amateur!”..one is so much work, two must be crazy (but wonderful).
Thanks for the update, and for the end of the story…I was hoping that all turned out well. Sounds like it did!! 🙂

I was wondering how you were going!! This is wonderful news.

I am so happy that everything has worked out for you and your husband.

Congratulations and well done.

How lovely. Congratulations on your beautiful boys xo

WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats!! I am so excited for you. Kinda funny how baby b was playing hide and seek with the OB…who would of thought you play hide and seek in a ute!!


Wow…….CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You are an inspiration and a wonderful woman and mother.

Congratulations! I’ve been checking regularly waiting for your news. Just one wears me out so I can imagine you must be completely exhausted – but totally smitten too I bet!

I’ve had the same trouble with milk supply but found the combination of Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle herbs helped a lot.

I have enjoyed “meeting” you and following your story and wish you and your boys all the very best for the future.



Congratulations!! Congratulations!!

I just stumbled across your blog and felt hope rise within me as I am approaching my 40th and will attempt my first IVF next Spring.

God bless!


Wonderful news! Wishing you a lifetime of love and joy. Congratulations.

Congrats! That’s so great that you did it vaginally! (Wow, I think that’s the first compliment of that sort I’ve ever given.)

I bet in a few days you’ll do fine with your supply. I’ve known plenty of older moms who wound up with lots of milk–if you can do what you just did, you can definitely bfeed!

Congratulations! I visited your site a while back and was just going over various sites that I bookmarked and had felt a connection with. My husband and I are leaving for India 2nd October for our first DE+surrogacy. I think having twins for any couple in our situations is a God-send! That is wonderful news! Best wishes! Also, thanks for sharing your story.

hello! and congratulations! my ICSI twin boys are now 9 months old (today!) and although we only tried for 2 years it was the worst period of my life as I’m sure everyone reading this knows.. I had given up hope for various reasons, but eventually it came right…
I searched the internet loads in my dark moments trying to find someone else who might feel the same way I did, that I could connect with, and out of all of the thousands of fertility blogs that I visited, yours was the only one that I felt was helpful and inspiring…
I am so happy for you, twin boys are the MOST fabulous thing ever, I adore my sleepless nights and my under eye bags (yes I still have sleepness nights!!) and want to say congratulations, well done, enjoy them, it’s everything you ever hoped for multiplied by a million!! xxxxxx

Thank you so much for the update. My own IVF journey has been a painful one several years long and reading your blog helped me a lot. I was so down at times I really don’t know why I kept going, but reading about your trials and tribulations helped sooo much.

And yesterday I got The Call: a positive blood test. After ICSI with my eggs and my husband’s sperm (over the years we’ve tried donor and various combinations). I’m actually not excited because it doesn’t seem real. In my heart I’d given up; I had kept going because my husband is freakishly positive.

So thank you so much; you are honestly part of how I got this far.

Thank you for sharing your stories and congratulations! I am trying my first IVF at 43 after 4 miscarriages from natural pregnancies… reading your story helped me. ; )

just stumbled upon your blog… the wife and i had our last two blastocysts transferred yesterday here in san diego, california. hopefully, this will produce our last (or last two) children…
cheers to you and may you live a long, happy and fruitful life as the wonderful mother i know you will become (or probably already are!).

Your blog is keeping me positive, thank you. I’m 4 weeks pregnant after a 3 embryo transfer and 2 attempts at IVF. I’m spotting almost daily but see that you also had this problem into your 8 week. I’ve had no pain or clotting so I’m hoping that when I have my blood test & scans in the next few weeks that all will be ok and that it is just one of the embryo’s that didn’t make it.

I also find it reassuring that a lot of the mixed emotions that you’ve expressed have helped to understand my own. Especially believing that your test results are actually positive finally. I had an ectopic at 6 weeks before and know that until I pass that date I will also feel very nervous.

Many congratulations on becoming a mother after such an incredible journey. I wish you had enough time on your hands to write about being a young mother. I think many of us could use your advice in months to come.

Take care,


Hi and Contrats!!! I remembered you from when I was blogging 2 years ago. Now I’m going to try for #2 and was referencing my own blog to see what vitamins I took. And I found both of our blogs referenced on this site: http://www.twittermoms.com/group/touchedbyinfertilityandloss/forum/topics/sharing-some-great-infertility
Anyway so happy to hear you have two beautiful children!! Mine just turned one year and she’s truly my dream come true!

I hope you’re very happy with your twin boys. Congratulations!
I hope to have a child too and I’m doing everything I can to make that a reality.

Your story has helped me decide that at 41 I may be too late for ivf so thanks for that. Congrats to you tho!!

You are so right on. I love your look on the BF. I gave myself shingles trying to produce enough for my little.


Thanks for writing this blog. I am 39 and was trying to decide if I should move on to donor eggs. Your story inspired me!

Hope your twin boys are happy and healthy.



Wow -I read your journey from start to finished.

I smiled when you adopted your kitten, laughed about all the pregnancy tests (I relate having practically bought the company with all the test over this last year), cried with you when you learned each month it didn’t take and, finally, cried aloud (happy aloud) when I saw your pregnancy test with your twins. What a beautiful gift and an amazing story!

I am turning 41 next month & just started IUI with my hubby. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey (and not censuring it!) – it helps more woman than you know.

Congratulations on your family 🙂
Florida, USA

Thank you Katie,

I am going to print it out and maybe give the story to my little boys one day (when they are big boys) if they ever feel they need to question just how much we love them, and how much we need and cherish them

Best of luck to you on your journey, and I wish you all the strength in the world,

Sheona ♥

I so pleased I found this and if you do come back and read know that you offer hope… and I sure you know that hope at times is that keeps a dream, desire, longing from sinking into dispare. I waiting for a donor as orginal donor to be got pregent truely happy for her but for me at 41 another 2 year wait to start treatment is hard. but it good to have hope thank you.
wish you much laughter and joy always and to all others trying or waiting
T Xx

It looks like this thread might be long gone but I thought I would leave a note anyway. My husband and I are due to have a frozen embryo transfer tomorrow. It is our 8th cycle, the second with donor eggs. Looking for support, I’ve been trolling around on infertility forums but sadly, it seems that most women disappear after 3-4 cycles. So it was incredibly refreshing to see someone who has done more cycles than that and kept talking about it. Thank you! And congratulations! You give us hope.

I just discovered this blog – thanks for leaving it up for so long. I’m married for 12 years, 10 without contraception, and have never fallen pregnant despite some degree of effort. I’m 40 and seriously considering IVF after years of telling myself I can live without kids. After reading this, I don’t know you did it – you are one brave woman! I hope things are well and glad it had such a happy ending.

Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


Did you use stairs throughout your pregnancy or continue to work?

Did you use stairs throughout your pregnancy or continue to work?

I just discovered this blog… Ohhh how i wish i discovered you sooner! I am currently on bedrest following a embryo transfer where i had three little ones transferred, and with the help of an ipad, doing a lot of reading (and internet shopping!)

Over the past 2 years, ive gone through 8 ivf cycles, which resulted in 2 miscarriages, 2 biochemical pregnancies (which is a pretty cruel term) and no baby. I am 41 years old, and have tried everything from accupuncture to royal jelly to meditation. It has been difficult to talk about the experience with anyone, so the entire journey has been painful and lonely. Thank you so much for this blog, and for your raw, honest, heartfelt entries. I laughed and cried and rejoiced! (my mom had to come in and hand me kleenex!)

Do no feel at all guilty about discussing your pregnancy or your beautiful babies! Nthing is more inspiring than successful baby stories!! Post pictures of the little ones!

Thank you, thank you, so much for this. May you find joy and happiness in abundance. Bless you!

Feeling great to hear the good news…Congratulations…All the best!

I just read your IVF attempts 5 and 6 because I am currently on my 6dp2dt! I can not tell you how inspiring it is your story… I have DOR but my eggs are apparently fine… not many (usually 4 or 6 from each attempt) but I get a 100% fertilization and they look beautiful. My problem is my endometrium, which is very thin and probably not receptive to the embryos. If this time IVF doesn´t work, my sister will be my surrogate! It will be a great sacrifice for her, but it gives me hope that she will feel happy for us as your niece felt for you.
I wish you and your now 3 year old boys all the best!

Such an inspiring story! A real trial over adversary tale. It’s so amazing that you made it, and it really will give couples out there who are hesitant a real inner strength. You are to be admired. ENjoy the rest of your life with your children.

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